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What to know: Great way to learn how kids in Italy live.
Recommended age 5-12
30 minutes
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This is a film that is very educational, interesting and is enjoyable to watch.

Two kids and their families will tell you all about their way of life in Italy. Veronica, age 14, and her family make cheese while Luigi, age 10, and his family presses Olive Oil. The two families will show you everything about the making & how to use these foods, while showing you all around their beautiful country and culture. They will tell and show you some of their daily activities and their customs.

Here is another film that I really like. It's quite interesting and the sights and the people of Italy are truly amazing. I am able to learn a lot about this country. The things each family is doing like going to school, making meals together and just having fun is really cool and different. I like how it gives me a better understanding and more insight to the people of Italy and their cultures. I learned a lot from watching this film and it is easy to understand. My favorite part is when they are cooking because I love to cook and use fresh herbs and spices.

A message I found in this film is that everyone is different even if they are in the same country or not. It's not really a good or bad different it's just different and you can appreciate people for being different because you can sometimes learn so much.

I recommend this film for ages 5 to16 and that all school age kids should see it. I give it 4 out of 5 stars as it's educational, informative and enjoyable to watch with your family and friends. It's about 30 minutes in length but gives you a lot of information.

Visit a different country and see "Families of Italy", it's available on DVD. Also you can check out other videos included in the Families of the World Award Winning Series. Reviewed by Brianna Hope Beaton, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

This video shows life in Italy from the perspective of two children. One lives on a farm that produces cheese from sheep's milk, and the other lives on a farm that produces olive oil. Both children are very involved in their family's work and explain a normal day from when they get up in the morning to when the day is done. They share school life, holidays, meal times and other aspects of a regular day for them. This is great for kids to see the similarities of kids in other countries as well as their differences. There is also some historical information they will benefit from learning. Getting to see Mt. Vesuvius in the background and the city of Pompeii is great! These locations alone make this a great video to watch.
See how families live in Italy. Visit Veronica, age 14, who lives on a farm south of Naples where her family makes sheep's milk cheese and Luigi, age 10, who lives in Olevano sul Tusciano in a building that also houses his family's olive oil business.
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