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What to know: This is very family friendly movie and any violence is implied.
Recommended age 5-15
94 minutes
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Today I'm reviewing the 1994 film, Andre, based on the book A Seal Called Andre, which is based on a true story. I like this film because I'm an animal lover and this film is filled with animals. Andre is about a little girl, Toni Whitney (Tina Majorina,) who lives with her parents Harry and Thalice (Shane Meier and Chelsea Field;) her sister, Paula (Aidan Pendleton;) and her brother Steve (Keith Carradine.) They have an assortment of animals, and decide to adopt an orphaned, baby seal that that they name Andre. Andre lives with the Whitney's for a few years, until a man from the health department shows up and wants to take Andre away!

My favorite character in this film is Toni's mother, Thalice. I like Thalice because she is very loving toward her kids, yet also knows how to discipline them. My favorite scene in this movie is when Andre learns funny tricks and performs them for people on the pier. I like this scene because Andre is so cute and funny.

An interesting fact is that Andre is played by a sea lion, not a seal, in the movie. Andre is directed by George Miller and produced by Annette Handley. The music in this film sets the mood. The movie is filmed in a beautiful harbor in Rockport, Maine and I especially love the cinematography when the seasons change. This movie is a tear-jerker and Toni learns that despite how much she loves Andre she may have to let him go.

This is a family-friendly movie and I recommend it to people of all ages. I give this film five-out-of-five stars because I thought that the movie was really well-done overall and had a great plot. I am pleasantly surprised that I enjoyed this movie so much because the picture on the cover made me think that it would appeal to a younger audience. Look for this classic family film on HDNet Movies - kidScene this month! Camille Bajema, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.
This movie is about a seal who is recued and who falls in love with a little girl and her family. This is a true story. Catch this movie on HDNET kidScene throughout November! Thalice Whitney (Chelsea Field) is a Mom with a house full of kids and animals. Toni (Tina Majorino) is the youngest daughter who gets teased by her classmates. She is now on True Blood hum. Once she brings the seal to class all the children begin to like her but there is always a bully. (Andrea Libman.) She is now known as Lemon Meringue, Pinky pie and Flutter shy. Even bullies can find a heart. Toni and her father (Keith Carradine) teach the seal many tricks. They begin to attract audiences along the pier. Andre becomes famous and this brings tourist to the town to see his amazing tricks. Several times they try to make Andre go back to the ocean but each time he returns. Finally they get him to leave in the winter but in the spring he returns. Unfortunately since Andre has been around humans for a long time he did not fare well by himself and came back with many scares and injuries. Andre also causes problems with the family dog. They are always chasing each other. Andre is very silly and loves to make raspberries at everyone. The fishermen of the small town do not like the seal because he eats all their fish and they get caught in their fishing lines and nets. Billy Baker (Keith Szarabajka,) who I have had the pleasure of working with, plays an evil fisherman who wants to get rid of Andre. Mark Baker (Joshua Jackson) can you say Fringe wants to do anything to please his father. Sometimes brothers and sisters fight over little things. The relationship and bonds with the seal cause problems of jealousy. The father, Harry begins spending more time and attention with the seal then with this family. Trouble also starts when the town feels he is neglecting is duties as Harbor Master.

This story is important because people finally realize how intelligent and friendly seals are. This is very family friendly movie and any violence was implied. The little girl was adorable. The seal is amazing and can do many tricks. Who knew a seal could dance and play basketball? I laughed a lot but there were also sad moments. You learn that sometimes you have to set things free so they can be happy. The scenery was true to the story and believable.

Be sure to watch the end to see real footage of Andre, his family and the things he could do. I think 5 and up would find this adventure entertaining and fun. Andre gets 5 twinkling stars for cuteness and animals. Morgan B., age 8, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

Originally released in 1994. Playing throughout August 2013 on HDNet Movies kidScene.
The true story of how a marine seal named Andre befriended a little girl and her family, circa 1962.
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