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What to know: Great video introducing Kung Fu to Teens or compliment a class.
Recommended age 12-13
105 minutes
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Kung Fu means "energy and time", this means Kung Fu can be applied in anything where energy and time is necessary. Thus, Kung Fu is important and valuable in every aspect. Kung fu also helps build strength, health and mental focus. Work is needed to gain strength to stay healthy. This DVD how-to video helps to explain how Kung Fu is useful for everything.

Learning something new can be fun and exciting. "Kung Fu for Teens" is a how-to video that shows teens step by step how to master simple techniques of Kung Fu. The Instructor is Ben Warner who teaches Kung fu with a friendly personality. There are also teens doing the movements which is very encouraging. The video starts of with an easy warm-up then progresses to a teach viewers the basic stance and punches of Kung Fu.

Warming up is very important because it "warms up your body" so injury does not happen. From stretching to in-place running, all the warm ups help your muscles stay active. Next are the workouts, these are more intense because all the jumping and running stimulate the blood to the heart. These warm-up and workout methods are helpful because it can be used for any occasion to stay active. Then the important part comes, learning the basics of Kung Fu. He demonstrates tons of moves, which all have unique names such as horse riding stance, mountain climber, and golden rooster. Everyone can do these moves from children to adults.

I really enjoyed "Kung Fu for Teen, because it is easy to follow and learn from. I rate the age range of this how-to video from 10 and above because some of the movements are more mature. I rate it 5 stars our of 5 because of its simplicity and application to the real world. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Patrick N, age 14.

Teaches teens how to do Kung Fu and includes warm up exercises and post workout exercises. It is well produced so anyone can follow along. The exercises are easy to follow and show a variety of different types of workouts. The structures is similar to going to a Kung Fu studio to take a lesson. It's not the most exciting thing to watch unless you are interested in the topic. The strategies are well explained. There is nothing inappropriate here. Strength and motivation are the main behaviors that are emphasized by Ben Warner who teaches in an efficient and safe way. The production is well done. The sound is clear, the visuals are good although they all take place in the same location. There is no variety. It may motivate teens to learn Kung Fu and show them that it isn't as difficult as they may have thought.
Specifically designed for teens ages 12-18, the workout will develop your physical conditioning while you learn effective martial arts techniques. This program takes the mystery out of martial arts training and offers a clear explanation of the exercises needed to become a Kung Fu practitioner. Ben Warner teaches traditional Kung Fu techniques and principles in an easy to follow workout.
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