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From the title, it's really hard to predict what this movie is all about. Based on the title, I had an open mind. I only have one thing to say, I was pleasantly surprised! "The Hunters" is a great and thrilling movie for everyone!

I absolutely love how many things there is in this film! There is comedy, romance, action, adventure, thrilling scenes, a great and engaging story line and, of course, a puzzle to solve!

The adventure begins when three people are looking for some artifacts to build together a legendary item. When one turns on the others, everything goes wrong. The two kids of the couple who are searching for this item and their friend, go on a epic adventure to save the world and their parents! If you want to find out if their parents are ok and if they were successful in this quest, you have to watch the film!

This film brings so many perks! It has especially great actors and the directing is also very good. The camerawork will impress you for sure - there are so many actions - climbing and jumping and even some scary stuff. But, the picture if very clear and the storyline easy to follow!

I have to say that my favorite scene is when the older brother discovers his little brother has skipped school and he is very mad at him. I can greatly appreciate this scene. It has brotherly "love" or as I call it "bromance." It's extremely funny and will hit home with many viewers.

I recommend this movie to ages 8-18, because it is a very intense film. I also give it 5 out of 5 stars and wouldn't be surprised if they eventually turn this movie into series. I know I will be watching out for that.

Reviewed by Gerry Orz, age 11, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

A fun, action-adventure for young teens. There are a number of scenes with martial arts fighting and the use of weapons. Teen will most likely enjoy the adventurous nature of the young characters and how they always triumph over the classic evil characters. The story moves from one problem to the next. At each step along the way, the characters are confronted with new and seemingly impossible problems to solve. Yet, they always find some clever way to resolve their issues. This is a real life comic book. Teens might watch it just for the action scenes. The evil characters are right out of a comic book. The heroes are young people who ultimately outsmart them by using their wits as well as their fists. There are lots of martial arts type fighting used to overpower the evil enemies but, of course all in the name of justice. There are a variety of setting too from Thailand to the Rocky Mountains, Boston and, of course many fantastic homes and a secret place in the search for the shards of mirror. The cinematography is done quite well, particularly of the action scenes. This film is basically a superhero comic come to life.
The Hunters is an adaptation of Joshua Williamson's comic book "Mirror-Mirror." This modern-day-fairy-tale adventure, centers on the magical mirror from "Snow White," follows the brothers Flynn as they embark on an international quest to find their parents and save the world from the clutches of evil. Carter and Jordyn Flynn aren't your average mom and dad. For them, a typical workday can take place anywhere in the world, raiding ornate museums and evading pursuing authorities as "Hunters," protectors of powerful fairy tale artifacts that are anything but make believe. While they take their jobs seriously, they're just as concerned about the welfare of their two sons, 21-year old Paxton (Amell) and 16-year old Tripp (Tracey), who are unaware of their parents' true line of work. Starring Alex Vega, Robbie Amell, Michelle Forbes, Victor Garber and Eric Breker.
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