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What to know: Exciting and graphic, this story draws you in from the get go.
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Recommended age 10-18
88 minutes
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Wolf Summer is a great film. What I like about the film is the story line because I found it to be a very good story that kept me interested the whole time. What I don't like about the film is the main character, Kim because she is a poor role model. One of the things she does is ask her friend to pretend she is with his family and if he doesn't do it, she threatens to beat him up.

The story is about a girl name Kim who finds a wolf and its puppy and decides to save them from raging hunters. My favorite part of the film is when Kim plays with the wolves because I liked seeing the beautiful majestic wolves run around.

The main characters in the film are Kim (Julia Pauline Boracco Braathen), Jon (J�rgen Langhelle) and Cecillie (Line Verndal). Some of the side characters are Markus (Samuel Fr�ler) and Mads (Niklas James Knudsen). I like the actors they picked for the film. Each of them play their character in the way I would imagine them.

The message in the film is to help wild life. We see Kim risking her life to save this wolf and its puppy.

What sticks out throughout the entire film is the location. It takes place mostly in a forest and I found that very relaxing despite all the suspense in the story.

Wolf Summer is a wonderful film and I love almost everything about it. I recommend it for ages 12 and older because there is some violence, some profanity and some scenes that may be too scary for younger kids. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Tiffany Richard

This is an enjoyable foreign film. The heroine, though at times foolhardy, is not daunted by obstacles in reaching her goals. You feel for her from the beginning as you learn her father has died and her mother seems hopelessly self centered and immature. As the film progresses you are with her through her disappointments and witness her strengths in adversity. We learn with her about the wolves and the prejudices toward them held by the towns people. Kim is unbending once she decides she must save the wolf mother that nursed her during her injury. Her mother even matures in the film and when her daughter is in danger, she overcomes personal fear to rescue her. Exciting and tense with segments that keep your interest till the rewarding outcome. The realism of the film, though appealing to adults, has some images that could be disturbing to younger children. Kim goes out of her own in a dangerous situation of climbing a steep cliff face. She had some training, but shows a lack of wisdom in not having a "buddy" during the climb, sharing her plans with those responsible for her welfare, and insisting that a friend, who was uncomfortable with her course of action, lie for her. The negative result of her actions (the fall and injury) may be enough to deter children from following her example. Kim is imaginative and resourceful in the ways she chooses to protect the wolves against the hunter, climbing the rock face to get them to Sweden, burrowing into the ground to hide from him. It seems unlikely that most 8-year-olds would be in those circumstances, but it makes for an exciting story.
When the summer course in outdoor climbing is cancelled, twelve year old Kim decides that she will solo climb "The East Wall" - as her late father did when he was twelve. Kim has a fall, is badly injured and wakes up trapped in a shack with a mother wolf and her cub who care for her until she is well. Then, realizing that the wolves are being chased by hunters, Kim sides with her protectors and is forced into a heated battle between animal and man. In Norwegian with English subtitles.
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