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What to know: Turning treats into finger foods for Halloween.
Recommended age 5-12
7 minutes
Web Series
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"Elena's Crazy Kitchen Spooky Special" is a great video that is cute and funny!

This short video has a surprisingly quite a bit to love about it! Its educational while including comedy and cooking tips! This film shows 4 quick and simple cute recipes that are fun and easy to do.

This video has pretty much expected story line. It's about a girl and her two companions who are getting ready with treats for a Halloween costume party!

I liked the way it was set up and scripted nicely. This was adorable video and great to watch. However, the main character sounded a bit too much rehearsed. I also did not like the speed of it. They may have been able to go into more depth and make a video just a little longer. Otherwise it was a great and fun episode.

My favorite scene is when cook's puppet friend pops up and makes fun jokes. I love comedy and he had a lot of it. He was adorable and cute.

This film really is nothing that parents should worry about, so I recommend this film to ages 1 to 10. I also give it 4 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by KIDS FIRST! Film Critic Gerry O.

One should keep in mind that Elena is a student. She is charming and good-natured and this is a commendable attempt but it does have some short comings. What is most appealing is seeing treats made into fun finger foods. What is unappealing is the apparent lack of interest from the host, Elena. A set of purple hands, called Hand, does the actual touching of the food while she does her nails. Elena does one item, the drink. A child would enjoy this to some extent. It would get their imagination going about wanting to engage in making things to eat. Plus the sock puppet, Razzle, is adorable. Booth Razzle and Elena make jabs at one another's costumes. It seems to be in good fun but comes across at not too nice. The sound and video quality are okay for the most part though at times the soundtrack is too loud and too frequent. The ending has Elena and the others singing Elena's Crazy Kitchen over and over again - a bit over the top. We would love to see Elena grow as the host of this series and become more of an instructor than just a pretty face.
Elena and Razzle create some spooky party treats! On this episode they make skeleton cookies, monster cookies, and ghoul grog.
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