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What to know: Little kids, both girls and boys will enjoy this.
Recommended age 2-10
88 minutes
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This animation has tons of color that burst all over the screen with music that will make you want to dance. Pat, (Stephen Mangan-Voice), a small town postman finds his priority system challenged after he enters a popular TV talent show competition. Meanwhile Mr. Carbunkle, (Peter Woodward-Voice), plans to take over the SDS postal company with robots.

I really enjoy this film. The part that I like the most is that every character has their own personality. Not one person has the same feelings and attitudes as any other character which makes it really great to feed off of each other. The music has an upbeat tone and keeps you energized throughout the film but the opening song makes you feel really good. It literally gets you in the mood to dance and I was snapping my fingers to it. You can understand the plot and the little ones will have no problem in comprehending it. Pat's Cat, Jess, tops with being my favorite character. He has a humorous personality and is very cute. He makes the most adorable facial expressions and actions. My favorite scene is when Jess accidently pops the soccer ball that Pat is playing with. The air escapes the ball; Jess launches airborne and flies all around into the sky. Being jerked around by a soccer ball and hitting many different things in his path is definitely not what he wants to happen. When he finally gets shoved in the car by the ball, no one even notices what's happening. It's my favorite scene because it's funny to see and no one seems to notice Jess's struggle.

Postman Pat: The Movie also stars Jim Broadbent (CEO-Voice), Jane Carr (Mrs. Goggins-Voice) and Robin Atkin Downes (Simon Cowbell-Voice)

When you meet people, you should treat them nice. It's just the right thing to do and one of the main messages in this film.

Little kids, girls and boys, will enjoy this film and I recommend it for ages 7 to 13.

I give this film 4 out of 5 five stars because of the message, the beautiful colors and of course the wonderful music with its upbeat tone.

Postman Pat: The Movie is available on DVD and Blu-Ray. So please check it out.

Reviewed by Brianna Hope Beaton, Age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic.

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A veteran postman finds his beliefs challenged after he enters a TV talent show competition. Starring Jim Broadbent, Jane Carr and Robin Atkin Downes. Directed by Mike Disa. Based on the book by the same name.
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