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What to know: An action-packed and entertaining animated adventure about Christopher Columbus and 1492.
Recommended age 8-15
29 minutes
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This fun and educational show makes history an adventure. In this episode, the lost treasure of Christopher Columbus is in jeopardy of falling into the wrong hands. The organization, appropriately called Sleuth sends in agents Dex and Ava. Their mission is to find clues leading to the treasure before a piece of history is lost.

The educational side of this show is refreshing. They provide update-to-date information and illustrations of what happened during the Columbus' voyage. This enlightens the audience with a different side of history. It's not patronizing in any way. It's clever to witness how they transform theses history lessons into investigative clues. In one scene, we learn about Columbus' signature and that information brings us closer to the treasure. This method of storytelling promises amazing future episodes.

The treasure hunt itself is a ride kids can enjoy. There are fast chases, foreign locations, and gadgets to capture everyone's attention. Mixed in are two main characters who are fantastic to watch as they go on this hunt.

My favorite character is agent Dex. He is the one with the gadgets and gizmos that help him and Ava get out of a sticky situation. I enjoy this character for his brains and, at times, his awkward behavior. This is his first mission and we can see that he is not used to being out in the action.

My favorite scene is when the agents go to Central America. This is when we meet Falcon who gives information about the Taino tribe. I love this scene because we see a different side of Columbus that not many people refer to. The character Falcon is also entertaining to watch. He never stays in one place.

The moral is "the treasure is in the journey not the destination." The villain, Ivan does not care about clues and history, all he wants is the treasure. However, if you are just out to find fortune then you will never find it. The sleuth agents know this and look at every clue and fact. Not only do they find the treasure, but they acquire something better than that. Knowledge.

I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend this to 7 to 15-year-olds. Kids will enjoy the spy action and adventure while also learning about history. Older kids are probably past this history lesson although, one never knows what the next episode will cover.

Reviewed by Keefer C. Blakeslee, age 14, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic

Lost Treasure Hunt is and action packed and entertaining animated film with lots of visual appeal. It is historical fiction about Christopher Columbus and 1492. The main characters are very likable and fun to watch and at the end, you expect you will be seeing more of Dex and Eva's adventures. There is humor, action and the typical good guys win at the end although there is a slight twist. The film is appealing and entertaining. It grabs your attention from the get go and holds it through to the end. Children will enjoy the treasure hung aspect with all its action and adventure. The two young sleuths, Dex and Eva (from the Society of Lost Treasure Hunters) are completely likeable and it is easy to root for them to find their treasure. The historical facts add a bit of education to the mix.

The story flows well from beginning to end. It makes sense and the end tells you that the real treasure hunt has only just begun. The vocabulary is appropriate for its audience (8-18). Any negative behaviors displayed are done by the criminals and there are repercussions. The two sleuths treat one another respectfully.

It may make kids ask what was the real treasure? Why was it valuable? What does the ending means when they say "a treasure hunt that has only just begun?"

It is entertaining and loaded with historical facts but it is primarily historical fiction. Children will learn a few facts about Christopher Columbus and 1492 by watching this. They may want to learn more about treasure and treasure hunts. Certainly, they will most likely want to see more adventures with Dex and Eva.

A secret code dating to 1492 sends two teen treasure-seekers on an adventure to solve the mystery before the treasure falls into enemy hands. They discover multiple sides to the Columbus voyage while decoding clues and escaping from counterspies.
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