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What to know: A beautiful, contemporary musical adaptation of Langston Hughs' celebrated play with a great cast.
Recommended age 10-18
93 minutes
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This is truly an inspirational film and a joy to watch.

Langston, played by Jacob Latimore, has to spend the Christmas holiday in New York City with his grandparents, Reverend Cornell Cobbs played by Forest Whitaker and Aretha Cobbs played by Angela Bassett, who he doesn't really know. While there, he has to go by their rules. He wants to get back home to his mother Naima played by Jennifer Hudson. He goes through some things and discovers the true meaning of faith, family and forgiveness.

This adaptation of Langston Hughes' play is wonderful. I really like the storyline with its great messages and its attention to detail, even down to the Cobb's family brownstone in Harlem. The acting is powerful and intense and, of course, I love the music. Executive music director, Ralph Saadiq shows his musical talent and has created great songs that tell the story in such a way that both the young and old can listen to and enjoy. I especially like the choir scene.

I recommend this film for ages 12 - 17. Of course, I think the whole family will enjoy this movie. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. It's truly a musical event to be enjoyed during the holiday season.

This timely film based on Langston Hughes' award-winning play is touching and delivers a great message with a wonderful musical score and performances. Jennifer Hudson is always a joy to listen to and her acting talent continues to grow and expand her range. Her performance alone makes this film worth watching. The musical variety of this film takes many forms from hip hop to blues to gospel.

"I would rather be a lamppost in Harlem than the Governor of Georgia" is the famous quote from Langston Hughes who was part of the Harlem Renaissance in the 1920s. His classic play, "Black Nativity", is featured around the country every holiday season. This music version is sure to be a hit with families everywhere as it explores the lives of a young black man and his mother who have fallen on hard times but it leads them both on a spiritual journey.

In a contemporary adaptation of Langston Hughes' celebrated play, the holiday musical drama BLACK NATIVITY follows Langston (Jacob Latimore), a street-wise teen from Baltimore raised by a single mother, as he journeys to New York City to spend the Christmas holiday with his estranged relatives Reverend Cornell and Aretha Cobbs (Forest Whitaker and Angela Bassett). Unwilling to live by the imposing Reverend Cobbs' rules, a frustrated Langston is determined to return home to his mother, Naima (Jennifer Hudson). Langston embarks on a surprising and inspirational journey and along with his new friends, and a little divine intervention, he discovers the true meaning of faith, healing, and family.

Special Features include deleted scenes, the music behind the film "He Loves Me Still", introductions to the cast and Jacob Latimore, an inspiring playwright Langston Hughes, photo-shoot B-roll, theatrical trailer and more.

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