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What to know: Whether we see our situation as positive or negative depends on the context.
Recommended age 8-15
7 minutes
Video and DVD
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A stunningly well presented film that drives home the message that how we see a situation is determined on our own point of voice and how we choose to perceive it. The narrative is in Spanish with English subtitles. Part one is about a girl who dreams she is someone else, her mother is an invalid and she has to take care of her bother and her father. It would be helpful if the filmmaker had submitted a better description of this film. I really enjoy the cinematography. Some shots are extraordinarily beautiful. The lead dream character, the young girl, is beautiful and draws you in. You enjoy following her and listening to her story. Then, the film flips, the dream girl becomes the real girl and we hear her story. We see the same visuals but her narrative is completely different. Rather than feeling deprived and lonely, for the same circumstances, she is appreciative and joyful. I really enjoyed watching this and recommend it for inclusion in the KIDS FIRST! film festival for ages 8 to 12, perhaps older. I think it would be confusing for kids under the age of 8 but, those 8 and older would get the subtle message of this story. Well done. My only criticism really is that the synopsis is poorly written and would not lend itself to attracting an audience. Accepted.
Irene is eight and she just woke up from a horrible dream.
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