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Recommended age 8-12
7 minutes
Video and DVD
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First of all, I love the textures of this animation style. It is very layered and complex. It sort of reminds me of Tim Burton's style. And, the topic afraid of the dark, is certainly one that kids an relate to. I was unfamiliar with the original book this based on but I like it. The age recommendation would probably be 8 to 12. I think younger kids might enjoy it if it didn't seem too scary for them. But, if I was programming it in a festival I would make it 8-12. I love how the characters are weird and somewhat creepy and yet their voices are very sweet. I love the twist of the human being the "something" he is afraid of in the dark. I love the music. This is a winner! I think a lot of our festival partners will enjoy showing this at their festivals. The length is perfect.
Animated re-imagining of a children's classic by Natalie Babbitt, beloved author of Tuck Everlasting. Fully drawn, scored, edited and voiced by her son, Tom Babbitt: animator, artist , filmmaker and musician living in the New England area. In the story, a monster boy lays awake at night, frightened that "something" will come through his window. He turns his weird little world upside down in his dogged search to understand and confront his fear - which he finds, in a way, through the "looking glass..."
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