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What to know: Refreshing and exciting view about being "connected" from the youth point of view.
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Recommended age 7-15
6 minutes
Video and DVD
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Connected is a view of technology that is good for ages 7 to adults. There is an excitement in listening to the girls share their dreams of the future and talk about what they do now. We observe four young girls who enjoy technology and enjoy being with each other when using their devices. Ella, age 8, is going to be a teacher and a scientist. She is clear that she will be teaching and experimenting all her life. Riley, age 7, thinks that technology is cool. Gina, age 8, is an aspiring rock star like Katie Perry. She has two devices. A cell phone and a computer. She takes selfies all the time. Ava, age 7, is an artist and aspires to become an art teacher. She owns a camera and an IPAD. I feel the excitement from these young girls about technology and being connected. They talk about texting and Facebook and other electronic games. One of them expresses that she knows there should be a limited to use of devices and likes playing outdoors. I recommend this title for playing at a film festival because it is a refreshing and exciting view of being "connected" from young eyes
Five adorable seven and eight year-old girls talk about technology and what it means in their lives. From texting, to calculators, to drawing applications these charming and funny future rock stars, artists, and teachers explain how iPhones, iPads, and Leap Pad's both inform and dominate their lives. They love their selfies, but as one charmer notes, "too much technology isn't good for the brain".
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