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What to know: Lovely documentary showing "a day in the life" of Peruvian children from a farming village.
Recommended age 8-15
12 minutes
Video and DVD
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Earth's Children is an exploration of what it's like to be a child in a Peruvian farming village. We see children harvesting plantains, eating breakfast with family, planting bean, and playing in the jungle. It is a short documentary and an interesting piece to experience. This is a great way for children to experience a "day in the life" of Peruvian children. I recommend it for a children's film festival. It's a great example of how other cultures live, work, play and relate to one another.
Early in the morning, young Jorge sets off with his machete to harvest bananas, making every blow count. After the bananas have been boiled it's time for breakfast. After that, Jorge and his friends are free to wander the lush vegetation that surrounds their home - climbing, having fun, singing harvest songs and splashing about in the headwaters of the Amazon. Seen through the eyes of children, these everyday scenes describe the peaceful lives of an indigenous village community in the midst of their primeval environment. Here, everyone helps to grow food. There's not much left over to sell, but money wouldn't appear to be the most important thing anyway. Screened at Chicago International Children's Film Festival, Berlinale Film Festival and Sao Paulo International Film Festival.
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