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What to know: A fun, entertaining treasure! Vibrantly animated, interesting characters and a bit of suspense.
Recommended age 4-12
85 minutes
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The Little Prince: The Planet of the Bubble Gob is an imaginative, colorful film with great animation and takes some of my favorite characters from a classic story on a new exciting journey. I really like the modern characters the show adds because they have a lot of perseverance and they always want to create something new to help their planet.

The Little Prince: The Planet of the Bubble Gob is based on the characters from a famous French story by Antoine de St. Exup�ry published in 1943. Here, the Little Prince, alongside his best friend Fox, are sent around a futuristic universe saving planets from the evil clutches of the malevolent Snake. One day, the Little Prince and Fox discover a mysterious new planet and find out it is inhabited by a species called the Creatall who are always inventing new things to help their people and their planet, like a kooky machine that shoots toast. Soon, the Creatalls' technology senses a wave coming to destroy their planet. The Little Prince finds out that a giant recycling machine called the Bubble Gob is causing these massive and dangerous waves. The Little Prince must find the Great Inventor who made the Bubble Gob to fix the glitch but he has gone into hiding and no one knows why. The Little Prince must find the inventor before the entire planet is wiped out so the Little Prince, some brave Creatalls and the goofy but loyal Fox set off to save it.

My favorite character is Oddzn'end, the first Creatall the Little Prince meets, because no matter what others think of him, he always tries to come up with inventions to help them.

The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob made me think about what to do to help the environment and be more aware of how to help the planet. It also showed me how important it is to help others even if you won't benefit yourself. The Little Prince helps people even when he knows he could get hurt and it's not his planet that's in trouble.

I really enjoyed the animation because it takes the story to a magical level with the creation of the planet and its oceans. It is rich and lush and made me wish the planet was real so I could go visit it.

I recommend The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob for ages 6 to 12. The Snake and the Bubble Gob are a little scary and may be alarming to younger children. I give The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10.

The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob, directed by Pierre-Alain Chartier, is a fun and creative movie that I enjoyed, especially because of the animation.

This version of The Little Prince is about the Little Prince going to The Planet of the Bubble Gob, a planet where the people are called Creatall's because they create a lot of things. Sadly, their ocean is completely full of the useless inventions. The Master Creator creates a big trash collector (the Bubble Gob) to fix the problem, but it actually causes big waves. The Little Prince has to help to fix the problem.

The characters, the Rose, Fox and Little Prince, are from the book The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry. In this movie, the plot is different than the original book, but his friends the Rose and the Fox are included. My favorite character is the Fox because he is the only animal. He is a cute talking animal who is very feisty and just wants to get the job done so he can go eat a snack.

The animation brings a new twist and is as entertaining as the plot of the movie. The colors are especially vibrant and repeatedly draw my attention to the Fox and the settings. I found myself really wanting to look at each of the different inventions the Creatall's have made.

The animation brings the settings in the movie to life! The buildings are very unusual and are made with a lot of cool items that otherwise would have been junk. The houses are very unique because they are on poles that rise up and down to avoid the dangerously high waves of the littered ocean. Even the litter in the ocean is interesting to look at as you can see all the different colors even though you are looking down on it from the sky.

Young girls will like the character of Ilmus. She is a strong female character who is smart, works hard and doesn't give up on people. The moral behind The Little Prince is that even if you make a mistake, people will forgive you.

I rank The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob 4.5 out 5 stars. I recommend the ages 5 to 12 because there are fights in the dark with an evil snake and ghouls, which might be frightening to younger kids.

Reviewed by Mia A, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11.

The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob is a fun, entertaining animated treasure! This film brings to life the journeys of the Little Prince as he travels to different planets. On the Planet of the Bubble Gob, The Little Prince and The Fox work with the Creatall's to solve the problem of their litter-strewn seas.

While familiarity with the classic tale of The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry, would introduce the characters of the Little Prince, the Rose and Fox, it is not necessary in order for a child to immediately get enthralled with the plot of this film.

The animation sets this film apart from other children's films. The vibrant colors and very imaginative animation bring life to the artistic inventions created by the Creatall's. Because of the richness of the animation, I couldn't help but compare similarities with the setting and use of repurposed materials to that of the 1995 futuristic thriller Waterworld.

While there are antagonists and protagonists alike, I appreciate that all of the humans are positive role models. I rate The Little Prince: The Planet of Bubble Gob 4.5 out 5 stars. I recommend the ages 4 to 12 because there are some suspenseful moments that might frighten younger children.

By Ruth A., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

I really enjoyed this film and it made me think of how important it is to keep our ocean clean. This is an issue that is very important to both my 12-year-old son and I since we participate in beach clean up monthly. The Bubble Bob is not exactly the same concept but it is still endangering the ocean and its creatures. The characters are entertaining and the animation, although a bit simple, ;is a strong aspect of this film. Honestly, I expected this to be a mainly fun film to watch for younger children but it really is packed with meaningful life lesson messages. It shows how important recycling is and how important it is to take care of our planet Earth which includes our ocean. I think that this is shown in a rather unique way with the Bubble Gob. I like that this film may teach and inspire young children to get involved in recycling and in other ways of taking care of our planet. Just when I thought that would be the only message, I found that it also teaches that mistakes can be fixed and that team work is important. This is a film that I would recommend for children ages 4 to 12. I had thought when it first started that my 12-year-old son would not want to watch it and he would think that it was for younger children but it held his interest and he liked the storyline and the main message of the film. I give this 4 out of 5 stars for its entertaining, educational and social aspects. Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! Juror

The universe is in grave danger of extinction! The evil Snake extinguishes the stars as he passes through the galaxy, causing chaos and plunging the planets into darkness. The Little Prince must leave his Asteroid home and beloved friend, Rose, in his quest to outsmart the Snake and save the universe from doom.� Accompanied by his trusted companion, the Fox, the Little Prince travels from planet to planet, braving danger and discovering vast and enchanted worlds.� Will the extraordinary gifts of the Little Prince bring each of the planets back to life? And will he ever find his way home?

When the Little Prince reaches the Planet of the Bubble Gob, the whole ocean is covered with items discarded by the Creatall. This causes the water level to rise daily, threatening the Creatall's fragile homes. The Little Prince realizes that the problem is the Bubble Gob.� The Bubble Gob is an underwater mechanical creature, who is supposed to destroy the rubbish and clean the ocean. However, the Bubble Gob is faulty and continues to grow bigger and bigger! �It has grown so big that its slightest movement causes the ocean level to rise dangerously.� Will the Little Prince be able to save the Creatall and their homes?� Find out in The Planet of the Bubble Gob!

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