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What to know: Colorful, fun and filled with jokes for all ages.
Recommended age 5-18
400 minutes
Video and DVD
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The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series is a very good DVD collection with some very creative animation for its time. I am a big fan of Claymation and this is a collection of the classic clay animation series from the 1960s. The DVD has a ton of episodes and you get to watch the technical aspects of the animation and the characters evolve over time.

The Adventures of Gumby: The 60s Series follows the title character - an enthusiastic green clay-boy - and his friend Pokey, a horse, as they go on fantastic adventures from battling in a joust to keeping a king in power to saving a princess from a knight and even a high-speed chase from a sculpture come to life.

As the series goes on you meet several new characters, like the mopey yellow dragon Prickle and a blue flying mermaid named Goo. My favorite characters are Rodgy the bird and Henry the bear. Rodgy and Henry make an excellent duo. There is a great episode on Rodgy's origin story called Who's What. Henry is molding clay and he makes a bird that comes to life. While Rodgy may not always agree with Henry, they always stick together.

My favorite episode in this collection is Even Steven, which follows Gumby and Pokey on a road trip but the trip goes haywire because of some con artists trying to take their money. This cat and mouse chase is funny and unpredictable.

Another episode I enjoy is Treasure For Henry. It follows Rodgy and Henry as they find some treasure that turns out to belong to pirates. This is one of several episodes in this series that is very creative with the use of real life objects in the animation.

I recommend that you watch all the episodes in this collection as well as the special features, especially for Gumby fanatics. The DVD includes the original TV pilot and some behind-the-scenes footage on how they do the Claymation. I'm amazed by how they use clay and I like watching the animation grow more sophisticated and complex over time.

I recommend The Adventures of Gumby for ages 5 to 12. It's colorful and a fun show to watch and the jokes are meant for all ages. I give this DVD 3 stars out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Benjamin P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12.

This 1960s Gumby claymation series is perfect fun for young children. Through its cute lessons and humor, this collectible box set brings enjoyment through short adventures of fun characters. Gumby, Pokey and new friends such as Professor Kapp go on fun adventures through different stages of history, often invoking trouble and learning lessons along the way. This series will appeal to the oldest, die-hard fans as well as new kids who will find joy in these classic stories. Reviewed by Carissa P., KIDS FIRST! Juror
Join Gumby and Pokey on brand new adventures in this very special collectible box set!� Enjoy over 40 episodes on this volume 1 release of the 60s adventure series!� These are the most popular Gumby episodes ever made. In 1962, Clokey Productions began production on a new Gumby adventure series. Gumby and Pokey went off to explore more historical events and to have every other conceivable adventure in and out of books through time and toy land. In the mid-60s, new characters joined Gumby and Pokey.�Professor Kapp, a friendly absent-minded professor, becomes Gumby's scientific go-to guy.�Prickle and Goo were created to represent what famed east-west philosopher Alan Watts called the two types of people, the prickly and the gooey.� More analytical, Prickle likes to solve mysteries. The softer, mellower Goo is a kind of sky mermaid who can fly and shoot goo balls.�The Blockheads, who first showed up in the 50s, become more prominent in the mid-60s.� They represent "square thinking" and often cause trouble for Gumby and his pals. Enjoy meeting all these new characters and embarking on these iconic new adventures with Gumby, Pokey, and his pals today!
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