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What to know: Fun and imaginative films starring a charming young girl playfully teasing us with homonyms.
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Recommended age 5-8
6.5 minutes
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This fun and imaginative film stars a charming young girl playfully teasing us with homonyms and silliness, ending with a dancing party with her friends. Sweet little short that would be perfect as an interstitial for any youth or family film festival. Recommended for ages 5 to 8.
Dott has a wild and wonderful imagination. She likes to be silly and she enjoys a good homonym. She can "knot" say "know" to ice cream. Sometimes she imagines being a very spoiled princess. Occasionally she plays the flute with a hummingbird. Every so often she floats like a mermaid up into a tree. Then Dott gets another idea: How about a party? Dott and all her friends gather to dance the afternoon away!
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