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What to know: Fun story with cute, creative characters, an interesting storyline and a bit of stealth learning.
Recommended age 4-8
22 minutes
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"Howdy y'all!" I'm talking like a cowboy today because I'm reviewing a storybook app called Mountain Pony and the main character is a cowboy. This book is available on the App Store for iPads and is about Sly and his friends. They are trying to get to a music festival in 1969 but they are in 1869 and they have a solar-powered time machine that's broken, so their mechanic has to fix it. They go on a very exciting adventure to get to 1969. They sing a lot of songs along the way which I found very interesting. I would recommend watching the first two or three chapters and then taking a break and coming back because, sitting through five chapters might be a little long. I recommend this for kids ages 4 to 8 and give it 3 out of 5 stars because, some parts get a little slow for older kids.
What a fun story with cute, creative characters, an interesting storyline and a bit of stealth learning. The artwork truly brings the story to life and entertain younger children. It has entertainment value in addition to educational value and teaches history in a fun way. The easy to read story follows a very likable singing pony and his band, including a fun raccoon. The band travels throughout the old west and through time. Children will enjoy the characters and learning about their adventures. I recommend this ages 4 to 8. The soundtrack is also fun to sing along with and features the catchy Mountain Pony theme song. It's lively, fun to dance and sing along to and is quite catchy. I also recommend the CD for ages 4 to 8 and give it 4 out of 5 stars.
This is a digital storybook with a soundtrack CD. The story is about a singing pony and his band who travel through the Old West, and through time, seeking adventure, knowledge, and their next gig.

Jobey is the band's leader. A true wandering spirit, Jobey has an insatiable appetite for new places and the ability to write and sing beautiful songs at the drop of a ten-gallon hat. Jobey's bandmates and two best friends are Sly, a guitar-slinging cowboy who acts as the narrator, and Rocco, a brilliant raccoon who not only plays drums for the band, but also designed the time machine that sends them soaring across space and time.

They all embark on magical adventures where they discover the meaning of life, play toe tappin' music, make new friends and learn about history. Available on the app store:

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