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Recommended age 8-18
6 minutes
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Thoroughly enjoyable! It goes to show what you can accomplish in six minutes with no dialogue. The production won me over because of the really cool animation and sound design. It won me over because of the interesting and unique premise. And, it won me over because of its awesome ending and interesting blend of real world cinematography and animation during that ending. The animation is extremely well done. I can only imagine that it must have taken hours upon hours to create. It has a really unique premise and is quite enjoyable to watch. It particularly impressed me that it is so good despite not having dialogue. It flows well and easy to watch. Children would enjoy this because of the unique setting and captivating animation. The concept is something I think younger audiences are interested in - snow globes! Combine snow globes with cool animation and deer that lives inside it and, what's not to like? I can't talk enough about how well the animation and soundtrack are done. Very unique and interesting. This film blends animation with real world cinematography in a most enjoyable way. Highly recommended for ages 8 to 18. Director Ors Barczy from Hungary should be commended!
Short Animated Film about an adorable, cocoa-drinking deer who is eager to tidy and shoveling in front of his house every day. However, there is a suspicious earthquake all night which causes the mess day by day and make unbearable our fella's life. Between two cups of cocoa the amazing truth comes out which change the deer's life forever.
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