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What to know: Jammed packed with comedy and a theme of working together for the greater cause.
Recommended age 7-12
570 minutes
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Many people dislike the live action Transformers movies directed by Michael Bay and I one among those. I did, however, enjoy the older Transformers cartoons, much like many of my friends did. So when I got the chance to review this newer Transformers animated series for a younger generation, I was considerably excited. After watching four sample episodes, I can say that the show definitely has merits that would appeal to younger audiences such as the action and the creative characters. I think the ideal audience is ages 8 to 12. They would get the most enjoyment out of it. As a 16-year-old, I have problems with it such as the voice acting which isn't up to par and, the fact that they have not learned from the movies and have wasted time with human stories in a show about Transformers. Younger children would probably not care or notice these things and will enjoy it for what it is. They are sure to really enjoy the creative robot designs such as the dinosaur robots and the shark robots. For them, I give it a rating of 4 out of 5 stars and believe that these younger kids will definitely get plenty of enjoyment from it. Reviewed by Michael O., KIDS FIRST! juror.
I grew up watching Transformers, so I was really excited when given the opportunity to review this. Every episode is jammed pack with comedy, but there is much less action than the older Transformers. This series is a great children's show and has a consistent theme of working together for the greater cause. Although I prefer the more action approach to Transformers, I believe that this series has more to offer and is entertaining for boys and girls due to the comedy. I'm giving it 5 out of 5 stars. This series would be greatly enjoyed by ages 4 to 14. Reviewed by Rachael V., KIDS FIRST! juror.

Looking for an action-packed video all about fighting for justice? This series is a good one! Planet Earth needs to be saved and Bumblebee assembles a team of Autobots action heroes to save the day. Yes, it is about fighting off evil but it is also about teamwork and is quite entertaining! I like that evil does not win of course, but I like that there is comedy as well. The fact that there are human allies makes this all the more interesting to watch. There are 26 Episodes and I enjoyed the Bonus features: 2015 San Diego Comic-Con International Panel, Featurettes and Animated Shorts. I enjoyed the animated shorts the best and my son liked the featurettes. I also think that I want to go to the San Diego Comic Con! I recommend for kids ages 6 to 12. Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! Juror

When a Cybertronian prison ship filled with Decepticons crash lands on Earth and unleashes its prisoners, Bumblebee returns to the planet he once called home and with his team (Strongarm, Sideswipe, Fixit and Grimlock) tracks the escapees down in order to bring them to justice. Along with their new human allies, Denny and Russell, this unlikely team of robots in disguise must protect the Earth while preparing for an ominous threat suited only for a Prime.
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