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Recommended age 12-15
12 minutes
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This short film delivers a poignant message about how we can change our lives once we peer into the future. It's well cast. The leading teen is very believable and his older self equally so. You should be aware there is some mild profanity in it and drinking by the older version of the kid. I mention that since it's problematical for some venues. I recommend this for kids ages 12 to 15 and give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It would play very well at some youth and family film festival. It is well produced and would show well on the big screen. Reviewed by Julie S. KIDS FIRST! juror
Young Jake, played by Teddy van Ee (Captain Fantastic) finds a time travel app conveniently placed for his use, he can't resist the urge to press the button. He finds himself 30 years from now wondering how he (played by Tony Award winner, Corey Brunish) got so messed up.
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