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PAPAVERI E PAPERE is in the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival - it may not be a regular, endorsed title
Recommended age 14-18
24 minutes
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This film is visually beautiful with excellent production values in production design, cinematography, music, directing and acting. It shows life in a small Italian village after World War II and the locations are stunningly beautiful. There are mature themes, with reference to the army, the party - presumably the communist party, and Christians being relocated against their will. Though the film is safe for all ages, the realities of life that drive the story may be better suited for an older teen or adult audience. Children will enjoy the music in the film and could relate to being caught in the middle when their parents push them to perform for the greater good of the family. It is beautifully filmed and is like a short trip to another place. There is no violence or profanity. The mature historical and political context will be unfamiliar even to many adults watching. The story takes place in a small village in Italy and the sense of place is captured effectively. The film is set in a historical context - though not explicitly stated, the outfits and conversation and music suggest 1950s (especially the cat-eye glasses on many women). There are political undertones that are subtle, with a man in an army uniform telling the girl's father that if the girl wins with a song that celebrates poppies standing tall, the party wouldn't like that. There is also a conversation between the adult men about "poor Christians" being "relocated" and whether it is right to do so. This political and historical context makes for a more mature subject matter that will be hard to grasp for anymore who is not familiar with Italian history post-World War II. Therefore, it is more suitable for older teens and adults. We recommend for ages 14 to 18 as well as adults. The dialogue is in Italian with English sub-titles.
1952, De Gasperi visits Sassi di Matera, the ancient part of Matera city. The town is bubbling with energy. Two rival families are getting ready for the most important singing competition of the year. All the adults' recent and passed contradictions and oddities are shown up through the eyes of little girl Chico. In Italian with English sub-titles.
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