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The Little Prince: The Planet the Snake is a twisting, action-packed animated show for kids. It is based on characters from a famous book by Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry called The Little Prince. It comes as a set of three episodes that create one adventure-filled story. It is fun, fast-paced and very exciting. I enjoyed how it made me feel for The Prince while keeping me excited and interested.

The Little Prince: The Planet the Snake is about The Little Prince's journey to rescue his Rose who has been kidnapped by an evil Snake. The prince uses his magic, the help of his friends and his courage to follow the clues to get to the Snake's planet. He faces many treacheries and traps set up by the Snake on his journey, but he perseveres to rescue his Rose. The series has some very detailed animation and the characters show some great expressions. The overall result very visually interesting. This DVD is a bit darker than other titles in The Little Prince series. I didn't like how it references other episodes of the series because, this makes it unable to stand alone, but it does make me want to see the others! Aidan Drummond and Brian Drummond do the voices of The Little Prince and his Fox. Their expressions, like sadness and joy, are done with great character in their voices.

My favorite part of the DVD are the fight scenes between The Little Prince and the Gloomies. These are monsters that are created out of sadness and the loss of hope. These scenes are always very exciting and kept me on the edge of my seat. I also felt that they are spread out enough that they don't get boring or repetitive but keep a consistent theme throughout the show.

The moral of the show is to never lose hope. I feel this is important because it teaches kids to never to give up on their dreams. It also teaches the importance and power of love and reassures us that good always conquers evil. The Little Prince: The Planet the Snake is an interesting film and makes a great addition to the Little Prince series. I give it 5 out of five stars because it is dramatic and exciting. I recommend it for ages 5 to15. It is available on DVD January 10, 2017 so, go check it out.

By Rohan F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

The Little Prince: The Planet of the Snake is one of the sequels of the series based on this book. This is a wonderful movie for children and I like it because of its message.

Some of you might know the very popular novel The Little Prince by French author Antoine de Saint-Exup�ry. The Little Prince has been adapted into numerous forms over the decades, books, theater, film, audio record, as well as movies. The Little Prince: The Planet of the Snake is about a young boy that should leave his home planet with his companion Fox to try to defeat the snake that is creating chaos, putting the universe in danger and has also kidnapped his flower friend, Rose. The Little Prince and Fox go on a quest to save Rose, but in their journey, they fight danger and go through many adventures. The Little Prince and Fox discover many interesting things in their journey to rescue Rose and protect the planets. The other challenge is to find their way back home.

I like how the producers adapted this iconic novel into a contemporary animated video for kids. Through this film, kids get to know another tale of adventures based on this classic children's literature. The voice actors are quite wonderful. I particularly like Paul Dobson's voice as the Snake as his sinister act was very believable. The animation is modern CGI which brings this classic into a contemporary format. However, the animation isn't like a Disney film; it is more like the show Miraculous Ladybug.

My favorite character is Fox. I love how comic he is and laughed a lot at his funny comments. I also like how the Fox helps The Prince not lose hope when they think they lost Rose. The message of this movie is to not lose hope. The Prince loses hope but the Fox helps him carry on in saving Rose. That is a good message for children. They can learn to help their friends when they feel sad or want to give up. I give this movie 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 4 to 7. You can find this movie at your local store or on Amazon on January 10, 2017 so, go check it out.

Reviewed by Carla P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

This is a modern day version of the Little Prince and is slightly darker because of the evil Snake. I like that it takes place in space, because I know my son and many other young kids really like other planets and things in space. The animation is done well, but is a bit old school and not as cool as some of today's animation. The storyline is very good. It is entertaining and has a good plot that is easy to follow. There are some issues with the voices as they are delayed at times. Younger children may not notice the, but the older children will notice it. I give this 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 8. It is a bite scary so I would not recommend for younger than 5. The storyline is entertaining although it's not completely unique. Reviewed by Denise B. KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.
The universe is in danger. The evil Snake extinguishes the stars as he passes through the galaxy, causing chaos and plunging the planets into darkness. The Little Prince must leave his Asteroid home and beloved friend, Rose, in his quest to outsmart the Snake and save the universe from doom. Accompanied by his trusted companion, the Fox, the Little Prince travels from planet to planet, braving danger and discovering vast and enchanted worlds.� Will the extraordinary gifts of the Little Prince bring each of the planets back to life? And will he ever find his way home?

The Snake is tired of constantly losing against the Little Prince so he decides to risk it all! He goes back to B612, kidnaps Rose and brings her back to his planet. By doing so, he might lose everything because if the Little Prince comes to the Snake's home planet and frees Rose, the Little Prince will also rescue all the gloomy prisoners! Will the Snake regret kidnapping Rose and possibly losing all of his prisoners?

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