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What to know: Hand-drawn, moving animation which has won numerous awards and rightly so.
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Recommended age 12-18
14 minutes
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This hand-drawn, moving animation has won a number of awards at prestigious film festivals and rightly so. Every cinematic element is carefully crafted and rendered. The slow pace augments the theme and content, and also allows for the painterly images to be relished. Excellent use of the tools of film in an animated format -- pan, close-up, zoom, editing, etc. Soundtrack is on point with the action and the added mood music is evocative. Every detail is significant to both the inner worlds and outer worlds portrayed. The story line of the film, a father's depression and withdrawal from life, as seen through the eyes of his young son, packs an emotional punch, however the theme is sensitively rendered and handled deftly with a clever animated component. I would say the film is suitable for younger teens with discussion (which the film naturally provokes) and for older teens and adults. Not an easy subject...but with the right age grouping, it would provoke discussion. You should know there is one swear word used (s**t), and the theme may be considered "heavy" for some kids. Reviewed by Ann B., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Paul dreams to go sailing with his father one day. But his father tumbles into a depression and literally dissolves right before his eyes. The film is pervaded with a sense of melancholy, but also hope, as the son helps his father along the elder's journey, thus pulling the entire family out of its lethargy. In French and Spanish with English sub-titles.

World Premiere, Rhode Island Int'l Film Festival; Kosovo Premiere, Anibar Animation Film Festival; Serbia Premiere, Animanima; Animasyros Animation Film Festival; Anima Mundi Animation Film Festival; Chicago Int'l Children's Film Festival; Cinekid Film Festival, Cinemagic Chilcren's Int'l Film Festival, Nordic Film Days; Los Angeles Children's Film Festival and more.

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