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What to know: A stunning documentary that speaks to the resilence of young people in the aftermath of an earthquake that destroys their village.
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Recommended age 9-18
50 minutes
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Anaa has good visual appeal, sound and clarity. This is a very inspirational type film showing that even in the worst circumstances, people, especially children can find joy and happiness. I really enjoyed watching this documentary because it is a good story about a boy and his friends who live in a village devastated by an earthquake. They are a group of determined young people who are in search of a TV so they can watch an upcoming football game. These children exhibit such joy and happiness despite their village having been destroyed. The film begins with an overview of the village after the earthquake. You view the landscape and see some of the adult villagers and the happy children. The film has excellent cinematography, sound and vision. It takes place in East Azerbaijan in the village of Bajeh Baj. One scene I found particularly interesting is the conversation between Akbar, young man who is the primary videographer and Reza. They are discussing the plight of their village and asking about being punished by GOD because the village did not fulfill their religious obligation of fasting. The interaction and language are interesting and suitable for the age of the audience. I recommend this for ages 8 to 18. The filmmaker, Asal Gharib is a woman with a BA in cinema and an accomplished actress and filmmaker. We are delighted to accept for the KIDS FIRST! Film Festival. Recommended for ages 9 to 18. Reviewed by Juanita Seon L., KIDS FIRST! Jury
In a stricken village by earthquake, a boy with his friends search an intact television to watch football match. ( This innovative documentary focuses on the aftermath of the devastating earthquake in East Azerbaijan. We follow the lives of several children in the temporary camps set up to provide relief to those who lost their home in the village of Bajeh Baj. Interestingly, the children themselves take control of the sound and filming, creating a first-hand glimpse of the disorder their lives have become. Director Asal Gharib's interactions with the children and other villagers provide additional insight into the realities of coping with a major natural disaster. ) In Persian with English sub-titles. From Iran. Filmmaker: Asal Gharib, born on 20 September 1986. She has B.A of cinema and she works as actress and filmmaker.
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