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Recommended age 5-10
75 minutes
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This DVD is collection of 2D animated stories that are both educational and entertaining. I like this series because it teaches children to ask questions about things they are curious about. The lead character, Mily is a girl who asks everyone questions. Mily asks questions about typical things that kids are thinking and about everyday situations as well. The show originated in France.

I like the style of the animation. The background of each scene is an actual photo of where it takes place, such as a kitchen. We see an actual photo of a kitchen. The characters' animation is over the background. I found that cool because I've never seen that before in animation.

The message of this movie is to ask questions when you wonder about things. It teaches kids to ask questions even if they seems dumb. If someone doesn't know something, they have the right to ask. No one should judge them for asking. It also teaches kids to be creative. In one of the episodes, Mily gets bored and doesn't know what to do. Her friends come up with ideas to keep her from not being bored. They get creative and make games.

My favorite character is Mily's little sister Lola because she nags Mily in a funny way. She annoys Mily sometimes but you can tell that they love each other. I love how she helps Mily with her questions. She may be younger but she helps Mily a lot.

I give this 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 5 to 10. This DVD is available now wherever DVDs are sold so, be sure to look for it.

Reviewed by Carla P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

This program is so adorable! It's about an all too curious 9-year-old girl who has all sorts of fun questions. I remember my older children being at that stage where they had non-stop questions and this show really portrays that well. It's also really good about getting her questions answered. The animation is well done. I recommend the show for ages 5 to 11, although my 10-year-old disagrees and thinks she is too old for it. Little does she know, she still asks a million funny questions. I give this 5 out of 5! Reviewed by Rachael V., KIDS FIRST! Juror

I found each segment quite interesting once I realized that this is a continuation of events in a child's life. The stories are thought-provoking and made for children, teens and adults because the themes are relative to everyone. I really enjoyed the animation and colorization of the videos. In each segment, a story opens with Mily asking a question about life. The first segment about the family history had Mily and her baby sister, Lola, curious as to 'where are babies before they are born!' The story takes Mily and Lola to various people for clarification and finally to their Mom who explains it to them on their level. They explore various themes throughout the segments including decision making, ideas about choices in jobs, rules vs. laws and, when it applies, "telling the truth and teaching responsibility. I really enjoyed this DVD and I think it will help children understand more about life's themes. I rate it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend to ages 5 to 12.

Join Mily and her friends as they investigate the major themes of life encountered in everyday situations. Mily is a funny, curious and uncertain little 9-year-old girl. Like many children her age, she has a great many questions about life, people, and the world. She's never lost for words; in fact, life for her is a goody-bag full of questions to be dipped into. Whenever a particular situation raises a question worthy of examination, Mily is immediately on the case! From one episode to the next, through everyday situations and without ever favoring a particular point of view, Mily introduces young viewers to the art of questioning and the development of an inquiring mind.
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