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What to know: Fabulous collection about sea creatures and the ocean in general.
Recommended age 2-10
160 minutes
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Octonauts: 12 Rescue Missions is an entertaining educational film for young kids. The writing is intelligent and the amount of information supplied to the audience is plentiful. The show makes learning a fun, yet understandable experience for young kids. For the most part, this film succeeds in doing exactly that! However, I have some issues with the pace of the show.

Octonauts: 12 Rescue Mission is about a group of aquatic animal explorers named Kwazii, Captain Barnacles, Peso, Professor Inklings, Dr. Shellington, Tweak, Dashi and Turnip the Vegimal. Throughout the film, the Octonauts excavate the ocean, visit locations such as the Mariana Trench and see animals such as barracudas and harbor seals. This DVD is a collection of episodes from their TV show Octonauts.

One thing I really admire about this show is its colorful animation. The quality of the art really draws you in. I was also impressed with the humor that is written into the script. They make certain jokes that kids will find funny and the voice actors execute these quite well.

The DVD educates its viewers on topics such as urchins, yeti crabs, kelp forests and lion's mane jellyfish. It tells us where these animals live, what they prey on and who their predators are. It also touches on survival mechanisms such as camouflage. All of these are important for kids to know, even at such a young age. I have an issue with the pace of the show. It feels too fast for me and I had a difficult time keeping up with the information presented.

Overall, this is an entertaining DVD for kids. The animation is aesthetically pleasing and the voice acting is very well done. I rate this film 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. This DVD is cinematically stimulating and chocked full of educational information. It comes out on DVD May 9, 2017 so, be sure to check it out.

By Ella L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critics, age 13

This is a great DVD! The collection not only features a new sea creature every episode, but includes facts about the ocean in general. This show helps children look at the world around them and realize that there are other forms of life that may need our help. The songs are fun and catchy. The characters present many facts about interesting sea life, problems facing our environment and marine life and offer ways in which we can do our part to spread the word and be proactive about positive change. Show this to children to boost their interest in marine life, sea creatures, pollution, global warming, endangered underwater species and much more. The option to choose individual episodes gives you the control to present as much or as little info as you like. Hopefully, kids will use fun and informative media to learn about important issues that we face today and use it to be the change our future depends on. This DVD includes a collection of twelve episodes that teaches lessons about teamwork, diversity, rules, seal life and protecting the planet. It has a main menu that includes Play All Episodes, Play episodes individually and Creature Reports which is an in depth look at the creatures and main songs from individual episodes. The DVD has great visual appeal! The cover is colorful and has a shiny, raised surface. The characters are fun and cute with unique personalities. The production quality is clear, concise and really fun to watch. There are catchy and informative songs that help you retain the information from the episode and will surely stick in your head for the day! The characters' voices are calm and your child is never prompted to yell, scream or shout out answers. In fact, the characters don't talk directly to you. They speak to each other about teamwork, determination, learning and helping other creatures and the environment. The characters are great social models for children. They show diversity in behaviors and personalities and also use teamwork to solve problems together. The interactions are done respectfully and characters with certain stronger skills step in and help out those who could use guidance and support. There are important issues approached in each episode, such as pollution, but they're presented in a way that children are comfortable moving forward with questions and exploring. This show debuted in 2010, so it has perfected its structure and style. It has a clear beginning and end that is easy for children to understand. Each episode averages between 10 to 14 minutes, so it is perfect for short viewings and discussion afterwards. The only unappealing factor in this collection is that there is no female character that actually lead adventures. All the proactive protagonists are male. The two female characters, Tweak and Dashi are generally left behind on the base while the three main male characters take an active role. Unfortunately, it's missed opportunities via media such as this that could encourage girls to pursue an interest in science. Children will enjoy this because of the relatable characters, fun songs, information about sea creatures and grand adventures! I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 10. Reviewed by Eli Byerly, KIDS FIRST! Juror.
Dive into adventure with your favorite underwater explorers, the Octonauts! Join brave Captain Barnacles, daredevil ex-pirate, Kwazii and medic Peso Penguin, along with the other Octonauts as they explore the world's oceans, rescue the creatures who live there and protect their habitats - above and below the waves! On this exciting DVD, join the Octonauts as they embark on not one, not two, but 12 rescue missions! From attempting to dive deep into the abyssal zone to encountering a school of toothy barracudas to Barnacles seeking guidance from a mysterious sea turtle. It's time to sound the Octo-alert!
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