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85 minutes
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This imaginative animated film warmed my heart. Elaborating upon a conquest to find Rose's family, the friendship that Little Prince, Fox and Rose share is remarkable. Each character differs from one another, but they all manage to combat the forces of evil together, which in turn, strengthens their relationship in a way never seen before. With such a divine plot, exquisite action scenes and heartwarming friendships, there is something for everyone to enjoy.

Previously, the Little Prince defeated an evil snake and trapped him in his beloved sketchbook. Everything on B612 is peaceful again. Rose, Fox and the Little Prince are enjoying life, playing games with one another and building stable friendships. But one night, the Snake tells Rose that she has a family that is in danger. It is up to the Little Prince, Fox and Rose to work as a team, and try to reunite Rose with her family.

Marion Cotillard, who plays Rose, delivers exceptional dialogue with her sweet voice. Her laugh is infectious and seeing Rose smile through every difficult situation is very inspiring. Cotillard portrays Rose as optimistic, through her desire to never give up and this is something that everyone can learn from. Riley Osborne, who plays the Little Prince, is very charming, because he cares about Rose and will do anything to help her find her family. He asks Fox (James Franco) to keep an eye on her as he searches the galaxy for her family.

The animation in this film is incredible. Seeing the galaxy for the first time left me speechless. The costumes are very realistic, which makes the characters look like they don't belong in space. But, that is the beauty of this film, because we can see how opposites attract. My favorite part is when Rose, Fox and the Little Prince play a game called, "Red Light, Green Light." Rose covers her eyes and Fox and the Little Prince can only move on green light. If they move on red light, Rose wins. It's fascinating to see their friendship grow and it makes you want to join the game.

The message of this film is to work as a team and to never give up. No matter what obstacle you encounter, there is always a way to combat it and push forward. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars for its nonstop action and unique plot. I have never been this intrigued by a film before. I recommend this to kids ages 6 to 12 and it is great to watch for parents as well. With such comedic jokes, relatable characters and a mysterious plot, there is something for everyone to enjoy. This film is available now on DVD. Check it out and find out if the Little Prince can find the Planet of the Roses.

By Samantha M.s, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 17

I really love the whimsical components shown in this story. Most of the characters are well thought out and fun to discover. For the most part, the Little Prince is a great role model. He's kind and caring, with an adventurous spirit. Though the story makes sense, it is a bit weak. I feel the stakes for the Little Prince are not high enough. It lacks a strong motivation for him to leave his planet behind. Also, the opposition isn't very strong, until the snake is set free and that is towards the end of the story. Sometimes it feels as if the protagonist's obstacles are too easy to concord, so it is hard to feel empathy for him and his cause. It feels as if he doesn't have to work hard enough to overcome the challenges he encounters.

I like the design of the show, especially the character designs. Although, I think that the snake may be too scary for younger kids. The most appealing thing about this show are its elements of imagination. I love how each of the characters the Little Prince encounters are whimsical. The whole story is full of surprises. The whimsical factor of the story makes it very enjoyable for kids. The characters are engaging and the story is written in a way that, as viewers, we want to know what happens next. On the other hand, because the story has some weaknesses, older kids might not enjoy it as much.

You can tell the Little Prince loves his friends and his planet and wants to protect them. One thing I didn't like is that in the scene with the hunter, he lies to him and, after the lie, the hunter decides to help him. I think he could have found a better way to solve the issue with the hunter without lying. Also, Fox and Rose constantly fight and we definitely see the consequences of their behavior. They let the prince down and release the snake. However, because this is such an important moment, I feel that the dialog in that scene could have been stronger.

The examples of problem solving throughout the story are not as strong as they could be. They are present, but the prince could have dealt with them in better ways. For instance, his first instinct to fight the snake is to use his sword. He even says he had fought the snake before, so why doesn't he stop and figure out what is it that the snake wants this time. Why doesn't he use the information he knows about the snake from the past to confront it again? Part of the problem is that it isn't clear exactly what the snake's goal is.

The show is done in 3D animation. The visuals are not breathtaking, but they are suitable for its target audience. This is the first DVD I've seen that doesn't have a Menu. It opens with previews of other shows from the same distributor and then the movie starts. It would be nice if a menu was available so you can select to start and stop and go to specific scenes. I can see kids play pretend being the Little Prince, imagining new planets and characters. I think more than inquiry, it will motivate their creativity.

This DVD is best suited for kids ages 6 to 10. The vocabulary and concepts are age appropriate. It is a safe story for parents to watch with their kids. It's entertaining and enjoyable. I give it 3.5 out of 5 stars. It is available on DVD now so, be sure to look for it. Reviewed by Martha S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror.

Life on B612 has resumed to normalcy. Rose, Fox, and the Little Prince are living peacefully, maybe too peacefully...Then one night, Rose hears the Snake telling her that she has a home planet with a family. Can this be true? Rose asks Little Prince to find her planet because she's afraid it's in grave danger. The Little Prince asks Fox to keep an eye on Rose as he flies off on his plane to try to find more information on her planet. The Little Prince promises he will return before the next sunset to trim the baobabs germinating on B612. While searching for Rose's planet, the Little Prince encounters four characters, the geographer, the hunter, the king, and the businessman. They tell him that Rose's planet is in another galaxy far beyond interstellar space. Meanwhile, back on B612, days have passed so Little Prince hasn't had a chance to tend to the baobabs like he promised Rose. So Rose is starting to be bothered with nightmares and is becoming irritated. The tones begin to rise between Rose and Fox and arguments occur. After an argument between the two, it's decided to open the sketchbook and free the Snake. When the Little Prince finally returns to B612 and learns that the Snake has been freed, he collapses. His friend, the aviator, comforts him and urges him to set off on a new adventure to fight his worst enemy again. But what about Rose's planet? The aviator mysteriously explains - those you will save will guide you.
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