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What to know: Vibrant colors, very creative, love the travel to different countries.
Recommended age 5-8
71 minutes
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I really enjoyed this DVD because I am a huge Shopkins fan and I love all the vibrant colors that are used in the animation. It is very creative how they make certain objects come alive like Apple Blossom with her resident worm and Strawberry Kiss. Actually, the worm in Apple Blossom is my favorite character. He is silent but cute and he, together with Apple Blossom save the day! But you'll have to watch it to find out how they do it.

The Shopkins: World Vacation DVD is a fun adventure of travel with the Shopkins' characters. They travel to many different countries after Kooky Cookie wins a trip to anywhere in the world with her friends. Together they decide to visit London. While in London, they get separated from their friend, Kooky Cookie. She gets taken away on another adventure in France after she is bedazzled with a stolen jewel unbeknownst to her. The Biscuit Bandits and the Shopkins friends chase Kooky to France and then to New York and then to Japan to get their friend and stolen jewel back. In the end the Biscuit Bandits get tricked by the clever Shopkins friends.

My favorite scene is at the beginning when they all are deciding where to go. I love the upbeat song. There are two songs and I wish there were more because I the melody and singing are great. I think more music would enhance the show. Also, the animation voices are perfect for their characters. Each has their own special sounding voice such as Lippy Lips, Kooky Cookie, and Cheeky Chocolate. Believe it or not, voice-over actor, Kate Murphy gives the unique voices to five of the Shopkins' characters and they each sound so different!

The message of Shopkins: World Vacation is that friends stick together, help each other and persevere as they do when they travel all over the world to find their lost friend, Kooky Cookie. I recommend this fun family DVD for ages 3 to 10 and I give it 5 out of 5 Shoppie stars!

Reviewed by Abigail Zoe L., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

This fantastic animated film made me smile. With its unique characters, adorable animation and catchy tunes, my eyes never left the screen. I have never seen a film with characters that resemble food. From bananas to strawberries, and even chocolate bars, you are sure to relate to your favorite food.

Join all of the Shopkins' characters on an exciting adventure to one of the most beautiful places in the world: London. When Kooky Cookie wins a trip to anywhere in the world, she is shocked. Little does she know, she will be in for the trip of a lifetime. When Kooky Cookie goes missing and gets caught in a diamond heist, the Shopkins and their new friends must find a way to return the Shoppe Diamond back to Royal Crown Jewels before the bandits get their hands on it. Kooky Cookie has become part of a beautiful, new fashion trend by a famous designer, Macy Macaron. Another reason why it is imperative that the Shopkins reunite, in order to reduce havoc among the city.

Kooky Cookie (Cassandra Lee) is sweet, humble and is always eager to try new activities with her friends. She asks all of the other Shopkins to pick a place to go when she wins the trip, because she values the opinions of others. Jessicake (Cassandra Lee) has the most stylish outfits, and loves decorating cupcakes. She has to be my favorite character, because I love dessert - especially cupcakes. Apple Blossom (Harlacher) is very kind, has big dreams and loves fall weather. It is very easy to relate to Apple Blossom because, even though she is timid on the outside, her heart is so pure and she is such a great friend. I would love to have a friend like Apple Blossom.

I've never seen such adorable, exquisite animation in a film before. Even though all of the characters are different, they all share the same big, beautiful eyes that will undoubtedly melt your heart. I didn't originally like bananas, but after seeing how cute Buncho Bananas is, I can't wait to try a banana again. My favorite part of the film is when all of the Shopkins talk about what they will do in London. For example, Buncho Bananas says, "I'm going to cause an international incident." I laughed very hard, because it made me think of how we all have that one friend who jokes around and loves living life on the edge.

The message of this film is to always stick together. No matter what happens with Kooky Cookie, her friends always come to the rescue. Teamwork is very important, because without Kooky Cookie's support system, the situation would have been much worse. In addition, it is imperative to enjoy your life and to see the beauty it has to offer, because life always works itself out. I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 6 to 12. It is perfect to watch with your family, because it will give you a good laugh. This DVD is available on October 17, 2017 s go check it out. I can't wait to get my stuffed animal Shopkins' characters.

By Samantha M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, Age 18

Grab your boarding pass and come on a worldwide ride with our favorite Shoppies and Shopkins. Vacation with the gang as they meet crazy bandits and go on even crazier adventures! When Kooky Cookie gets caught up in a diamond heist and goes missing, the Shoppies must go on a wild chase around the world to find her and help bring back the 'Shop Diamond' to its royal owner. Watch as they attempt amazing challenges and face Kooky fans to try and clear her name. Fasten your seatbelt for a world vacation you'll never forget!
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