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What to know: All about Ruby, the determined and strong female pirate who succeeds in spite of the obstacles.
Recommended age 5-8
45 minutes
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This film has a great plotline and gives each character lots of personality. The plotline becomes even more interesting because of all the strong personalities. Even though this film is meant for younger ages, I still was quite entertained.

This film is all about meeting and getting to know who Ruby is. It starts from pirates discovering her as a baby, watching her go on adventures and figuring out who she wants to be. She goes off to the sea for the first time by herself and encounters problems. Eventually she is able to overcome them. She then goes off and solves multiple tests to be able to acquire treasure.

Laetitia Lefebvre has a determined and strong child-like voice which perfectly fits Ruby because Ruby has all of these traits. Ruby at times can sound very stubborn, scared, determined and strong. The Black Baron (Tom Wayland) sounds determined as well. The Black Baron is a very manipulative character and Wayland changes his voice accordingly. For example, he can sound convincing, caring and sweet, but also ominous.

The animation is very colorful and has lots of details. I also love that their faces express emotion and their body language does as well. The pirate costumes are very unique. I loved seeing all the different types of clothing that doesn't repeat for everyone.

My favorite scene is when Ruby smartly doesn't get distracted by the Black Baron when he wants to steal the treasure. I felt really proud of her and I knew that she was fit to become a knight.

The message of the story is to always believe in yourself no matter what. Ruby was born as a pirate, but girls aren't allowed to be pirates. Even though this is true, Ruby goes out and proves her worthiness. She encounters many problems, but stays strong and believes in herself. She stays determined every time. She doesn't stop continuing on her journey. Instead she just becomes stronger and fights even harder. This is a good message for female empowerment. Even though people want to limit you because you are a girl, don't let them. Do what Ruby does. Everyone is against her and she still manages to achieve all of her goals and become successful.

This DVD, just like the rest of the Super 4 series, is well made. It has a wonderful message and an entertaining plotline. I recommend this for ages 6 to 11 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. This is available on DVD now, so definitely check it out.

By Jolleen M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13.

Pirates! Who doesn't love a good pirate tale? That's the first thought that came to me when I saw the cover of this DVD. What adventures will she get into and, since girls were not allowed on pirate ships, will Ruby really become a pirate? The story of Ruby and her adoptive dad, Pirate Rubins is very interesting because stories of pirates usually begin with a pirate ship a sea, looking for treasures and other ships to capture. This story begins with a wicker basket washing up on the shore of Gunpowder Island holding a baby, a girl baby! Since Rubins is the pirate who finds her, he feels it is his duty to keep and raise her, hence he named her Ruby. He knows that he can't continue the life of a pirate and raise a daughter so he works and raises her the best he knows how. She hears so much about pirates while growing up she knows one day she will become a pirate. When the time comes for her to become a pirate, sets out to prove her worth to everyone, including her dad. The vocabulary and concepts are suitable for the intended audience. Most children have experienced a pirate phase at a young age and these episodes are exciting enough to hold their interest. Even though pirates are usually portrayed as villains, there are a lot of good pirates who help Ruby become the pirate she wants to be. Questioning, probing and problem-solving are encouraged in an appropriate manner. The episodes encourage lots of critical thinking and problem solving skills such as team work, asking questions, use of reasoning and logic. The animation is clear, easy to identify and quite colorful. The visuals are characteristic of the period of the pirate era. There are no menu access, chapters, nor special features. This is an adventure that will appeal to school age children between 5 and 10. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. It really is a must see! Reviewed by Tina B., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Inspired by the world of PLAYMOBIL� toys, set out on a series of adventures with the Super 4 as they travel through the wider PLAYMOBIL� universes. Join Ruby and friends as they embark on 7 fun-filled pirate adventures! First, understand how Ruby came to be the amazing pirate she is. A wicker basket washes up on the shore of Gunpowder Island holding a little baby. Surprise, it's a girl! When Ruby is old enough to jump on ship to join in on a pirate raid, little Ruby sits on the sidelines and watches it all. To prove she is a real pirate, Ruby must set out to obtain a mythical treasure. Will she find it and become a true pirate? Find out in Meet Ruby!
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