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Recommended age 12-18
159 minutes
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This amazing DVD has three main themes: Himalaya, Rockies and Andes. It shows amazing scenes which includes wildlife and people. I love the Himalaya and learning about the snub-nosed monkeys and the snow leopards. My favorite things about all three places was learning about all the amazing animals. The scenes are absolutely breath-taking and you can really imagine what it is like to be there. This DVD is educational and very entertaining. I learned so much about all three places. I recommend this show to anyone who loves to watch nature films and learn about different places and wildlife. I recommend it for ages 7 through 18, as well as adults. I give this 5 out of 5 stars for its educational and entertainment value.
This landmark three-part series, presented in partnership with the BBC, reveals the extraordinary animals and remarkable people who make a home on the iconic mountain ranges of the world, including the Himalaya, the Rockies, and the Andes. Episodes for this program include: HIMALAYA - Meet the extraordinary wildlife and people of the Himalaya--the highest mountain range on earth, where the air is the thinnest, the wind the strongest, the storms the fiercest. The higher you climb, the tougher it gets to survive. See snub-nosed monkeys, snow leopards on the prowl, and Tibetan monks performing ancient rituals high in the mountains. ROCKIES - The Rockies stretch 3000 miles across a beautiful wilderness of snow-capped peaks and hidden valleys. It is home to cougars, wolverines, wolves, and grizzlies, and where daredevil wingsuit fliers jump from high peaks and Native Americans compete in breakneck horse races. ANDES - The longest mountain range on the planet holds dozens of hidden worlds, from the driest desert on Earth to cloud forests teeming with life. Pumas hunt guanaco, shape-shifting frogs hide in remote forests, and the descendants of Inca build bridges of grass. Magnificent snow sculptures, huge salt lakes, and spectacular peaks are all found in these rugged peaks.
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