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What to know: Fantastic insight into the stories behind each of these plays.
Recommended age 14-18
350 minutes
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Are you a fan of Shakespeare plays? If you are, then you will find this series engaging and educational. This series is hosted by six different hosts and shows what actually sparked Bard to create some of his greatest plays. I was intrigued and found this a very interesting series. One of my favorite parts of the series is that there are interviews with some of the actors and there are clips from some of the television adaptations. My favorite of the six hosts is Helen Hunt and she shares with us much of the meaning behind Much Ado About Nothing. Other hosts include F. Murray Abraham, Romola Garai, Brian Cox, Simon Russell Beale, and Anthony Sher. I enjoyed learning about the stories behind these great plays. I give this series 4 stars out of 5 stars for both its educational and entertainment aspects. I recommend for ages 14 through 18 years old and also for adults as well. Reviewed by Denise B. KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Series 3 includes six films with new hosts as they weave their personal passions with history and analysis to tell the stories behind the stories of Shakespeare's famous works.: Much Ado About Nothing (Helen Hunt); The Merchant of Venice (F. Murray Abraham); Measure for Measure (Romola Garai); Julius Caesar (Brian Cox); The Winter s Tale (Simon Russell Beale); Richard III (Antony Sher).
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