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299 minutes
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I have always loved PBS Kids. Everything they make is wonderful, fun and educational. My toddler is a picky media viewer. He has a very specific taste in animation and music. Having the chance to review something like 20 Incredible Tales has been fantastic! There are thirteen different shows included in this collection. Some of these shows were around when I was a kid such as Arthur and Caillou. Having this wide a variety to see what your child does and does not like is a godsend. All of the episodes teach different lessons, encourage polite behavior and several have musical numbers. I found out that my three-year-old really likes Super Why!, WordGirl and Peg + Cat. Somehow, I have a feeling that it's because they are all superhero related. I highly recommend this collection, not just for picky viewers, but for a great variety of wholesome, family-friendly adventures! This collection is great for ages 3 to 7 and I give it 5 out of 5 stars! Reviewed by Rachael V., KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer
It's a bird ... It's a plane ... It's your favorite PBS KIDS friends! In this action-packed collection, watch as Oscar and Dr. O save the day when all of Odd Squad comes down with a case of the jinx, Sheep becomes WordWorld's first superhero and saves the day with the letter S, and lots more! Join these PBS KIDS characters as they jump to the rescue and have several superhero adventures along the way! This DVD features 20 stories from 13 different PBS KIDS series. Children can watch as their favorite PBS KIDS characters take on problems and save the day. In the DANIEL TIGER'S NEIGHBORHOOD episode, Super Daniel!, kids follow Daniel Tiger as he pretends to be the superhero, Super Daniel. In the ODD SQUAD episode, Jinx, Oscar and Dr. O save the day when all of Odd Squad comes down with a case of the jinx. And Sheep becomes WordWorld's first superhero while saving the day with the letter S, in the WORDWORLD episode, Superhero Sheep.
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