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Here we go, go, go, go on an adventure! I love this DVD because it is bursting with awesomeness. You find stories with snappy songs, wildly creative graphics and colorful animation. The voices of all of the characters work in perfect harmony, which makes each episode very engaging.

In The Cat in The Hat Knows a Lot About That: Season 2, Volume 2, the two, adorable 6-year-old best friends, Sally and Nick set out on many quests for knowledge. Nick and Sally learn a lot about why tummies grumble and how to walk on more than three legs. They also learn to name the planets in a splendid trip to space (Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, and Neptune). In another adventure they learn how cloth is made. The DVD has 20 different stories averaging a little more than 10 minutes each.

Martin Short is the voice of the Cat who does a remarkable job! The creativity in The Cat in The Hat Knows a Lot About That is so very clever, including the names of the Cat's friends, the places that Sally, Nick and the Cat go, and of course, all of the things that the thinga-ma-jigger can do. My favorite character is The Cat in The Hat because he has loads of fabulous and brilliant friends from all over the world. They are always happy to educate and teach Sally and Nick all they know. And something I also really like is that The Cat in The Hat's friends seem to always have wild and wacky hairstyles. They are really funny. My favorite part is when Sally, Nick, and the Cat go to space and how the thinga-ma-jigger transforms into a space thinga-ma-jigger.

There are many positive messages throughout the DVD including teaching kids to want to learn, be curious, and the value of friendship. The Cat in The Hat Knows a Lot About That has no bad language and there is nothing risky or dangerous that children might try to imitate. It promotes positive behavior and they treat everyone appropriately.

I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars. I recommend this DVD for ages 3-8 and adults might also enjoy watching this with their kids. The DVD is currently available.

Reviewed by Katherine S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Calling all Dr. Seuss fans! Here's two discs, 20 episodes, fully loaded of extraordinary voyages of two best friends. Not only is this a fun Dr. Seuss cartoon for all, but it is also educational. Have fun while learning about the earth's atmosphere, the human skeleton, how paper is made and much more! So, let's jump into our imaginary Thinga-ma-jigger and go go go on an adventure with Nick, Sally and The Cat in the Hat.

In each episode, I learned something I never knew before. In each of the 20 episodes, a lesson is taught through the journey of two best friends. It had me saying "wow, how interesting !" In one episode, I learned how paper is made. Who would have thought a tree, that I see every day in my young life, is chopped down to make paper? I use paper everyday. This is what I liked about this DVD. I learned something new in each episode.

What is less appealing about this show are the settings and colors. It felt like this film was created back in the 80s. I thought it needed to be modernized to capture the attention of today's young viewers.

My favorite characters are Sally and Nick. They are six years old and best friends. I like the bond they share in each episode. They communicate and work well with each other - team players, if you ask me. They have tons of fun and experience their journeys together. It truly shows the true meaning of best friends. I have a best friend and she and I love to take pretend voyages together.

Each episode has a different message, but the one thing they have in common are the lessons that are being taught through Nick and Sally's voyages. In each show, you learn scientific knowledge. This is a neat way to gather your children together to sing along while taking an amazing educational journey. Knowledge is key and there's no better way to learn but through a cool Dr. Seuss show.

I give this DVD 4 out of 5 stars. It is very educational and fun. The music had me bopping my head along with it. I would like it even better if it was more modernized. I recommend it for ages 3 to 14. My baby brother is three and he sung along with Nick and Sally. My mom is 39-years-old and she learned something about the human skeleton, that she never knew about before. This DVD is available now so, look for it.

Reviewed by Sev'n S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

This is a delightful animation adaptation DVD collection with the Cat in the Hat and friends! It is very creative with catchy songs to sing along to and, of course, the famous rhyming. It teaches many different things in each episode.

When I was around 6 years old, I read the books and watched this show. I was really excited to see the new episodes. This Season 2, Volume 2 has 20 episodes, each taking you on another adventure. The Cat in the Hat is an anthropomorphic character that escorts the kids on adventures in the Thing-a-ma-jigger, a contraption that can fly, sail and do so much more.

In every episode, Sally and Nick ask their Mom for permission to go on an adventure. Of course my mother likes that part. Then Sally and Nick are off to learn many new things about animals, insects, our solar system, constellations and even recycling.

The storytelling is great and so creative. Every adventure takes them to a new place - the Arctic, dessert, beach or jungle. The fish always tags along and ends up in some sort of trouble, which is funny to watch. Sally and Nick also learn physical things like swimming, balance, wrapping and digestion.

The storyboards and drawings are very colorful in this film. The characters' outfits change and go along with the storyline. The characters are interesting to watch. They really hold your attention. In some scenes, new characters appear like Doctor Giggles. He helps them explore science and the body. They use the shink-a- bobber to shrink themselves and explore the ear. I enjoyed the singing and rhyming in this film and all the catchy phrases. Thing 1 and Thing 2 make an appearance to assist and they always make me laugh. The voice-over for The Cat is Martin Short who is fantastic at portraying The Cat. I like one of the episodes when they go to the beach and Pirate teaches about how glass is made and all its many uses. It can be recycled and used over and over. One catchy phase they use is "glass can change the way you see things."

This DVD offers so many ways for kids to learn. Parents will like it because it teaches children about safety, listening and buckling up every time they go exploring in the Thing-a- ma- jigger. I really enjoyed this and I think you will too! I recommend it for ages 3 to 8 years of age. I give this DVD 5 out 5 stars. It is mostly for younger children, but adults will enjoy it too. You never know where you will end up at with Cat and the Hat!

Reviewed by Ivey H., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

I'm a big fat of The Cat in the Hat! I have been since I was a little girl. Now, as an adult, I'm still a big fan! This DVD does not disappoint! It has 20 episodes! Directed by Tony Collingwood, the Cat in the Hat (Martin Short) definitely shows us that he knows a lot about many things from names and locations of the planets in our solar system to how animals walk with more than two legs. It is entertaining, engaging and great for preschool and school aged children, as well as their parents. Children will enjoy watching the Cat in the Hat and his friends Sally & Nick as they go on adventures to learn new things. One of my favorite episodes is about the solar system as the Cat in the Hat teaches Sally & Nick the order of the planets and their names. Martin Short as the voice of Cat in the Hat is perfect! I just love him. I also enjoyed the theme song. I give this 5 stars out of 5 stars, because I think it is a perennial hit. It's engaging, entertaining and educational What more could you want! I recommend it for ages 3 to 12. Reviewed by Denise B., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror
Enjoy the second volume of the second season of The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! The Cat in the Hat Knows a Lot About That! follows the adventures of 6-year-old best friends, Sally and Nick, as they are whisked off on extraordinary voyages of scientific discovery with the Cat in the Hat. Thanks to the Thinga-ma-jigger and our friends, exploring has never been more exciting! In this volume set, kids will learn the answers to questions like what is the Earth s atmosphere, why do we need bones, and how is paper made. The discoveries don t end there! We learn how polar bears survive the arctic winter, how our ears work and so much more! So let s go, go, go, go on an adventure, we re flying with The Cat in the Hat today!
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