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Can I say memorable, exciting, truthful, teachable and intriguing? This film takes you on a journey through the perspective of Jesus and Noah. It will keep you interested throughout the whole film. Are you ready for this extraordinary Bible story coming to life on the big screen?

The story follows Noah, a dedicated believer of Jesus, along with his family. One day Jesus speaks to Noah and exclaims there will be a massive flood throughout the land and his family and he will be the only ones to survive because Noah will build a boat. Noah listens right away as his brother, king of non- believers of God, tries to stop him. His brother has little faith in God left. We see the outcome while watching the film.

My favorite part of the film is that this is a physical film which allows me to see the back story that leads up to the ending. I also love that this story is not animated and you are able to see real reactions and actions. My favorite real-life character would have to be Noah. Not only because he is the lead person in the story, but because he stands up for himself throughout the hardest time and he completes a task without any doubt of his own beliefs.

This film shares important messages such as stay strong to your beliefs. We see this important message modeled in the scene which shows everyone except Noah and his family leaving and exclaiming how they didn't care about money. Noah and his family stay strong and happy. Another important message is to always stand up for yourself, no matter the situation.

I give this film 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 10 to 18. I believe the whole family will enjoy it as well. It will play in theaters for three days, April 11, 12 and 13, 2019. Make sure to check it out at your local theaters on these dates.

Reviewed by Nathalia J., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

NOAH is incredibly different and wonderful! It teaches about trust, choice, family and beliefs. Noah believes in God. He stands alone and people are against him because of what he believes in. He has to do what God says and not let anyone change his decision to listen. This is what all of us have to do sometimes, even when we feel alone. Sometimes we know we are right, but everyone says we are wrong. Noah doesn't want to die with everyone else. He wants to save his family, so he builds an ark.

There are lots of lessons and parts when you feel scared to see people that are going to die. God is tired of everyone that does not obey and does not live like God wants them to. So, he tells Noah that he is going to end the world. Noah gets treated badly. It reminds me of school, when people want to pressure you to do bad things and if you don't do them, they will turn on you. Noah has to do the opposite. He has to turn on the people who don't want to do good, in order to save himself. It is hard to say no to peer pressure sometimes.

The film is a recording of a live performance. It is different than other films and seems more real in some ways. We know it is not real because everything happens on the stage, but it made me pay more attention to the characters since there are not different setting or locations like in most films. I liked it. I would not want to watch a lot of movies like this. I prefer seeing plays in person. However, this is good.

I rate this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5-11. It made me proud of what I believe in and that I can trust my family to protect me too! It is playing at select theaters April 11, 12 and 13.

Reviewed by SaniyaRain F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Sight and Sound Theatre's NOAH is a stage musical presented as a film and I really like it. Full disclosure, I am not a pious person, but I derived a lot of enjoyment out of this surprisingly entertaining rendition of the story of Noah's Ark. The moment you set your eyes on the stage, you realize just how much budget and coordination went into making this show. It's outstanding. The stage and props are huge with fantastic quality and tremendous variety. It really sets this production apart from other of a similar vein. Similarly, the actors are remarkably multifaceted in their talents. Every one of them seems equally capable of transitioning from deep dramatic moments, to musical numbers, to comedic moments. For the religious and the not-so religious, this is a wonderful stage show with very obviously high production values. The musical numbers are very cute and catchy. Recalling this story from Bible school when I was younger, it was always one of my favorites. This really helps bring Biblical stories to a fun light for younger ages. I recommend this for ages 9 to 14, as well as adults. I give it 5 out of 5 stars. Reviewed by Rachael V., KIDS FIRST! Adult Reviewer
With a catastrophic storm on its way, Noah is given a monumental task: build a boat big enough to save mankind from a flood that will cover the entire earth. Seen by more than 5 million people live on stage, Sight & Sound's landmark production sets sail into movie theaters this April for a nationwide Fathom Events presentation. NOAH takes you on history's best-known voyage as you board the enormous ark--along with two of every kind of animal! Filmed before a live audience, NOAH captures the panoramic scope, spectacle and grand scale that are signatures of a Sight & Sound musical production.
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