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What to know: Interesting tale with remarkable artistic execution, blend of animation and layers of paintings.
Recommended age 5-12
73 minutes
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From the moment I saw the artwork on the cover of the packaging for the Brazilian animated film, Tito and The Birds, I knew I had to see it! The animation style is beautiful! I love the look of it. Its Brazilian directors Gustavo Steinberg, Gabriel Bitar and Andre Catoto have made something that looks like a moving painting.

The story is based on a boy named Tito (Pedro Henrique) and his friends working to stop an epidemic from spreading through their town. It gets pretty intense! Luckily, they have the help of Tito's dad Rufus (Matheus Nachtergaele), a very smart scientist. Hopefully this will be enough to save the town.

The supporting characters, besides Tito's father, include Tito's mother Rosa (Denise Fraga) and his friends: Sarah (Marina Seritiello), his brave female friend who gives him hope; Bui� (Vinicius Garcia), his best friend, who becomes sick and is the main reason they want to find a cure. And then there is T�o (Enrico Cardoso), his rival. I relate mostly to the character of Tito because he is brave and wants to help. He cares about people. There is a good lesson wrapped inside the story of Tito and The Birds: never be afraid, and help when it's needed. Also, another lesson is to be yourself, and let no one tell you to be anyone else.

I give Tito and The Birds5 out of 5 stars ! I love it! The animation is amazing! The storyline is told beautifully. I love the voice actors' performances.

This film is perfect for ages 10 to 18, because the epidemic and sickness storyline could be a bit scary for younger audiences. I also think adults will enjoy this movie, too. Go and check it out! I recommend it! You can get Tito and The Birds digitally or anywhere that your favorite DVD's are sold.

Reviewed by Izzy C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

Tito and the Birds is about real life problems that people face. Even though it is an animation film, it is serious. Sometimes movies teach kids about real life and that is what Tito and the Birds does. It is a little scary because it is so real.

The first thing I noticed, besides it being a dark film, is the relationship Tito has with his dad. Tito and his dad work together to help their community overcome fear of a disease that is spreading. Everyone is getting the disease and they do not know why. Everyone is scared to catch this disease because it makes people turn into rocks. The fear that everyone has in the community is so strong that people can't live their lives. They are panicking and the news makes it worse.

Tito's friends are awesome because they stick by his side and believe in him. He even makes friends with a boy who wants to beat Tito in a contest. Tito has some good friends, and we all need good friends when we are having a hard time in life. The friends show that they are real friends, not fake.

Tito learns a lot in the movie. He learns not to give up and to believe in himself. He also understands that sometimes things are hard and that everything is not going to be easy in life. He keeps trying to make his dad proud and build the machine right. Tito also learns that even a kid can make a difference.

I recommend this film for ages 8 to 14. It is too scary for little kids I give this movie 2 out of 5 stars, because it is so frightening. However, we all can learn about being brave and being different, so check it out if you find this intriguing.

Reviewed by SaniyaRain F., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Tito and the Birds is an oddly dark tale that is highlighted by its remarkably original art style. By dark, I don't mean gritty or vulgar. It is heavier in tone than many young adult films, but anyone that has seen Corpse Bride or Coraline won't be addled in the slightest by this story about a fear pandemic. The BIG selling point of this film is its sensational art! It is an interesting mesh between digital animation and what appears to be layers of living oil paintings. It's hard to accurately describe the visuals in a way that gives credit in which it richly deserves. I assure you, this film deserves to be seen by anyone who appreciates the medium of animation. I recommend it for ages 10 to 18, however, younger and older viewers may enjoy it as well. I certainly did. I give it 5 out if 5 stars because it is so stunning.
Tito is a shy 10-year-old boy who lives with his mother. When an unusual epidemic starts to spread, making people sick whenever they get scared, Tito quickly discovers that the cure is somehow related to his missing father's research on bird song. He embarks on a journey with his friends to find the antidote. Tito's search becomes a quest to find his missing father and save the world from the epidemic. "One of the most memorable films for 2018" - Elvis Mitchell, Film Independent.
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