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What to know: Funniest songs and parodies for each letter of the alphabet, a great learning piece for early language development.
Recommended age 2-7
130 minutes
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Every single scene of Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet is lovable. This DVD has the funniest songs and parodies for each letter of the alphabet. Each part has so many cute characters and great lessons for the whole family. Your children will love to learn their ABC's with all of their favorite characters.

Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet has two hours of fun for everyone! It spends approximately five minutes on each letter. We see a wide range of themes from Tori Kelly singing about kindness to Chance the Rapper in a play with Cookie Monster. In all cases, we are learning about the alphabet with so many talented artists. It's a mix of old and new Sesame Street episodes such as Big Bird and Mr. Snuffleupagus singing a song together to Sia singing about how she loves songs.

The DVD includes many of our favorite Sesame Street characters including Elmo, Big Bird and Cookie Monster as well as some of our favorite people in real life including Maya Angelou and Pharrell Williams. I love the songs because it makes you want to sing along. Also, some of the songs are parodies, which I very much enjoy. My favorite part is when Elmo can't sleep so Ricky Gervais comes in and sings a "celebrity lullaby".

Throughout this DVD, there are a lot of positive messages. My favorites are learning is fun and using your voice in a fun way.

I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 7. Adults will also like all of the parodies of the songs. This DVD is available now. I totally recommend buying this for your young kids.

Reviewed by Katherine S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection is a fun introduction to the alphabet for preschoolers. This is a two-hour compilation of animation, pop-culture parodies and favorite segments for each letter of the alphabet. The all-star lineup of celebrity guests is enough to hold the interest of parents too.

Sia, Pharrell Williams, Maya Angelou, Tori Kelly, Chance the Rapper and others introduce Elmo and his friends to each letter of the alphabet. There's even a bonus feature, Elmo's Amazing Alphabet Race and ABC-themed printable activities.

Since it's a compilation of segments from over the years, there's a wide range of styles representing older and newer segments.

Even though I'm not in this film's target audience, I still found it entertaining to see various celebrities on the same screen, with puppets, helping kids learn the alphabet. My favorite segment is Ricky Gervais singing Elmo a lullaby for the letter "N", that's anything but relaxing!

I give this film 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for children ages 2 to 5. Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection comes to DVD and digital download May 7, 2019 from Shout! Kids and Sesame Workshop. Look for it.

Reviewed by Will C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

The Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection DVD is just that - awesome! It really brought back amazing childhood memories of watching the show.

This particular collection teaches kids the alphabet. Not only is it educational, but provides a source of entertainment which will keep kids interested while learning. All of my favorite characters make an appearance such as Big Bird, Bert, Elmo, Cookie Monster, the Grouch and many more. The music, songs and lyrics are fun to sing along with and are education as well. I love how everything in the video relates to the topic of learning your ABC's. There is lot of repetition, which is a great technique for learning. Something else that caught my eye is how they use different types of animation, such as clay and paper. I really enjoy the mix of puppetry, real people, animals and insects. Some episodes even have celebrities singing along. Look out for Norah Jones, Tori Kelly, Cheryl Crow and many others.

All the Muppet characters are so cute and adorable. My favorite is Cookie Monster (Frank Oz, David Rudman), because he brings laughter to this collection. My favorite skit is when Cookie Monster sings about the letter "C" and how cookies are good enough for me. Ryan Dillon plays the role of everyone's favorite loveable character - red, fluffy Elmo. Carol Spinney plays another fan favorite - Big Bird. They use many real life animals to help you associate with the words that are being taught. This video is very bright, colorful and cheery. You will enjoy every minute.

I recommend this for ages 2 to 7, depending on the maturity level of the child. It's always a good refresher for anyone who is having trouble with their letters or spelling to review the basics. The star rating I give this is 4 out of 5 stars.

Reviewed by Ivey H., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

I enjoyed the Sesame Street: Awesome Alphabet Collection on DVD because it is funny, even for me, and I'm 10. It is made for small children, but I still could not stop laughing and enjoying the music.

This DVD is about learning the alphabet. Mostly all of the characters from Sesame Street sing the alphabet and encourage the kids to sing along. There are about three scenes or songs for each letter so that you can understand how to use each one. There are also very different types of scenes and songs, each of them really cool and fun, so it keeps you entertained.

The songs are very catchy, and the scenes are really funny and cute. I like how they use celebrities like Chance the Rapper. I think kids will enjoy seeing these celebrities because they know them. My favorite part is when Sia sings for the letter "S", and it shows her face, because she has not shown her face before on TV. One funny scene is when two detectives confuse the "W" for an "M" when trying to find the criminal W.

The message or point of this DVD is to teach kids how to use the letters of the alphabet and how they sound -- the scenes are put together from all of Sesame Street's "Letter of the Day" specials. This DVD makes it fun for kids to learn the alphabet. I believe these songs can make the process of learning the alphabet simple and fun, and that students will like the characters. I can see it might be particularly helpful for kids with special needs or learning disabilities.

I give Sesame Street Awesome: Alphabet Collection 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 5. This DVD is available now so look for it.

Reviewed by Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

The most appealing aspect of this DVD are the characters. The monsters are so sweet, funny and colorful. The songs are also quite appealing and fun. As an adult, seeing celebrities featured in some of the segments, I found it great fun. It's perfect for co-viewing with your kids or grand kids.

I believe a child will enjoy this DVD because of the characters, the music and how colorful everything is. The segments are short enough for younger minds to stay engaged. Also a child will enjoy that there are so many segments and they are all different.

I love that the DVD starts with a song that covers the entire alphabet in a short, fun way. The use of a white background lets the eye focus on the characters and the messages they are delivering. After the first song we see one or two segments for each letter, which is great. I believe that kids are drawn to this content, as every segment is delivered in a different style of media - puppets, live action, animation. Some of the segments seem to be older, which is great for parents, as I'm sure some parents watched them when they were young children.

This DVD definitely uses concepts that are suitable for its intended audience. The songs talk about one letter at a time. We see the letter displayed in each segment. The vocabulary is simple and suitable for the target audience. This is really perfect for kids that are just learning how to speak. I can see them repeating and learning as they watch each segment. In some segments, you not only learn about the letter of the day, you also learn about animals, different languages and other age-appropriate themes.

The visual appeal is really good. Some segments are newer than others and more appealing for today's audiences. At the same time, the older segments are still fun. I'm just uncertain how kids will respond to them. The cover of the DVD is colorful and appealing, and it represents the content accurately. The menu is pretty standard. It lets you choose different chapters and is clear and very straight forward.

This DVD has a great deal of educational benefits. The kids watching are learning about letters, pronunciation, rhyming and even scientific facts, to name a few benefits. It has segments that teach some Spanish words too.

The material is definitely appropriate for preschoolers and supports inquiry and investigation. I'm sure kids watching will be interested in learning more about the letters and the information given in the various segments.

I loved watching this DVD and can't wait until my daughter is older so I can watch it with her! The most appealing aspect of it are the characters, which are so sweet, colorful and funny! They are also great role-models. The songs are very appealing and fun. As an adult seeing celebrities featured in some of the segments makes for a more enjoyable co-viewing experience.

The DVD starts with a song that covers the entire alphabet in a short, fun way. I found that the one to two segments following the initial song are a great tool for preschoolers to learn literacy in a fun way. I love the diversity shown on this DVD. There are kids from all sorts of backgrounds, and some of the segments seem to have been filmed in different parts of the world. I wish more of what is shown in TV would show the type of diversity found here. I really appreciate the fact that the Sesame Street content manages to make educational content so enjoyable to watch by both kids and parents.

Reviewed by Martha S., KIDS FIRST! Adult Juror

It's time for A to Z with Sesame! Little ones will love to learn their ABCs with classics such as "The Beetles Perform Letter B" and "C is for Cookie" plus animation, parodies, and the best from recent seasons covering all 26 letters. Celebrating the alphabet alongside their furry friends are Norah Jones duetting with the letter Y, Tori Kelly trying a little kindness, and Pharrell Williams belting it out for the letter B. Maya Angelou stops by to talk hugs, Sheryl Crow helps "I" soak up some sun, and Ricky Gervais attempts a lullaby.
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