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The 1980's show was a hit when my mom and uncle were growing up and it brought back so many memories for my mom. We welcome back Gumby and Pokey in this wild, wacky and inventive collection created and written by Joe Clokey. I love that this DVD features 49 claymation episodes that are fully re-mastered from their original camera work and soundtracks. Gumby and Pokey return for fun-filled adventure. Get ready! It's going to get wild.

This DVD takes you alongside Gumby and his imaginative friends as they solve problems, have fun and help others. These episodes include a lot of audience interactions, which lets the audience contribute to Gumby's adventures. The characters include Gumby, Pokey, Prickle, Goo, the Blockheads, Professor Kapp, Dr. Zveegee, the Moon Boggles and Gumby's parents, Gumbo and Gumba. Also making an appearance are new characters - Gumby's sister Minga, Denali the Mastodon and Tilly the chicken.

My favorite part is the fact that each episode is fully re-mastered from the original. How iconic is this? I'd say pretty cool! The animation is extremely creative with loveable color episodes. There are a variety of songs on this DVD, with various tempos and music types.

My favorite character is absolutely Gumby, because he's always positive and shares his positivity with others. I also love how he never gives up and works so well with his team. He's dedicated to his friends and to the idea of friendship.

I watched The New Adventures Of Gumby: The 1980s Series, Volume 1 previously and I very much enjoyed Gumby's many adventures with his friendly bud with yellow pricks on his tail, named Prickle.

There are multiple episodes on this DVD, which express multiple messages. If had to choose the main message, I would say it is that "teamwork makes the dream work." That and "don't be afraid to ask for help." There is no bad language on this DVD or any unsafe actions that kids will try to imitate.

I give this film 3 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 3 to 7, as well as adults. It's a series that certainly will bring back memories if you grew up watching Gumby when you were younger. It's available now, so look for it. You'll be glad you did.

By Nathalia J. KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

Do you have little kids in your house? If you do, you should definitely share with them The New Adventures Of Gumby: The 1980's Series, Volume 2. This claymation show from the 1980's is the perfect series for any little kid with an imagination and a creative mind. For all you adults out there who remember Gumby & Pokey, then welcome back! We rejoin Gumby along with Pokey, Prickle, Goo, The Blockheads, Professor Kapp, Dr. Zveegee, the Moon Boggles, Gumby's mother Gumba and his Father a couple of hilarious newcomers.

Gumby was once just a slab of clay then one day he rose to life. He can walk into any book and once inside the book, he becomes part of it! Every time he gets knocked down he becomes flattened like a pancake. But he always gets back up and right back into shape again! Every episode is a new adventure and sometimes there is a lesson to go along with it. Gumby can have the best time with his friends, or the worst time with the Blockheads, depending on the storyline and characters in the episode. Speaking of characters, the new friends we meet include Gumby's sister Minga, a mastodon named Denali and a chicken called Tilly!

The theme song is a fun tune sung by kids that will make you want to sing along with them. In every episode the music changes. In some episodes the music is creepy. In some it can be silly and bubbly. It all depends on the episode. Gumby originally debuted in 1956, was re-introduced in the 1970's and came out again, for a third time in the 1980's! The animation is unique because it is claymation. The creator and writer of the series, Mr. Art Clokey, also voices Pokey the horse, Gumby's sidekick. Fun Fact, the bump on Gumby's head is based on a picture of Mr. Clokey's father from when he was a kid. In the picture, his hair is sticking up on one side creating a little bump. Mr. Clokey always thought this was funny, so he gave the same bump to his title character Gumby! Let's talk about some of the other supporting characters, shall we? Prickle is a cheerful dinosaur who goes on Gumby's adventures with him, the two mischievous Blockheads can't ever seem to get themselves out of trouble and Goo is a hilarious clay person with a bubbly personality.

The message of the story is to never grow up and that it's okay to let your brain wander and to always be creative. I give this series 4 1/2 out of 5 stars and recommended it for ages 3 to 8. It is available on DVD now.

By Beatrice Nail, KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

This DVD set is a collection of 49 re-mastered episodes, 7 to 9 minutes each, totaling 250 minutes of lively entertainment! The menu offers the option to play all the episodes or watch them individually and includes extra features such as: Tribute to Art Clokey, Behind the Scenes Photo Gallery and a music video. In this series Gumby, his family and friends are animated clay figures that have many adventures comprised of magic, science, music and more. In one episode, "Young Granny", Gumby's grandmother mistakenly becomes a seven-year-old girl and runs around playing with her granddaughter's toys. After she is returned to her rightful age, everyone, including Granny, is relieved. This series is lots of fun and many episodes feature the Blockheads as troublemakers and mildly highlight that trouble does not pay. Full of vibrant colors and offbeat just enough to capture the attention of younger and older kids ages 3 to 18. The series is from the 80s. It was not originally filmed with the video or audio quality that is currently available. However, it has been remastered and is greatly improved and close to today's standards. I give this DVD 5 out of 5 stars for relatable story lines and overall amusement!
The New Adventures of Gumby: The 1980s Series Volume 2. Welcome back Gumby and Pokey in this wild, wacky and inventive collection of 80 s episodes! Featuring 49 clay-animated episodes, fully re-mastered from their original camera rolls and soundtracks. Also making appearances are Prickle, Goo, the Blockheads, Professor Kapp, Dr. Zveegee, the Moon Boggles, and Gumby s parents Gumbo and Gumba. New characters include Gumby s sister Minga, Denali the Mastodon and Tilly the chicken!
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