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I really enjoyed Raising Dion because there are lots of themes about finding your place and bullying that are well represented. The story tries to deal with so many different elements that it loses focus, especially during the first episodes. Still, I'm curious to see what will happen in the second season, and that is a good thing because I ended up wanting to see more.

Netflix delivers a TV series with a little bit of everything for the whole family: Raising Dion. As its name states, it's about family. This is a story of a single mom, Nicole (Alisha Wainwright) raising her son Dion (Ja'shia Young) with superhero-like powers. For Nicole, to be the mom of a kid with powers is a struggle, more than being just fun. The series centers on Dion's journey of adapting to a normal life. The series is produced by actor Michael B. Jordan who plays Marc, Dion's father, a scientist who passed away tragically during a storm. Pat, Marc's best friend, becomes a best friend for Nicole and Dion's mentor.

The series is a mix of genres: drama, fantasy and sci-fi. Through the evolution of the series or each "issue" (what each episode is called), audiences learn more about Dion's father and where his powers come from. The first episodes are more family-oriented, but the sci-fi elements and supernatural aspects increase toward the later episodes in the first season. Getting close to the end of season one is when it becomes really exciting.

The series has a very realistic look, and the special effects are well done. I love the work of the actors: their performances are natural. The kids' acting is quite well done. Ja'shia Young makes Dion a very believable superhero. He is a good son and a good student and that will be very relatable for so many kids. Sammi Haney plays Esperanza, Dion's best friend. She is smart and sweet, and she doesn't feel "less than" because she in a wheelchair. In real life and in character Sammi has brittle bone disease, and supports awareness, acceptance and love for people with disabilities. Kudos to the creators of the show for including actors with disabilities.

Raising Dion is very good for young audiences. The message of the series is to find the powers within yourself, learn how to use them wisely and embrace them.

I rate Raising Dion 4 of 5 stars, and recommend it for ages 10 to 18 and adults as well. You can find it on Netflix.

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A single mother must hide her young son's superpowers to protect him from exploitation while investigating their origins and her husband's death.
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