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This adventurous movie Upside Down Magic is about a girl named Nory and her friend Reina, who are accepted to the Sage Academy for Magical Studies (think Hogwarts from Harry Potter meets Auradon Prep from Descendants). And no wands at this school for sorcery--all the magic comes from within. Plus there are five different schools of magic for Flyers, Flickers, Floaters, Flares and Fluxers. Nory is a Fluxer which means she can shape-shift into animals, but, during her first-day demonstrations of her powers, Nory's not-so-perfect magic turns her into a "Dritten" (a half-kitten, half-dragon) that puts her into a class for the kids with "wonky" (or broken magic) called "upside down magic" also known as UDM. Nory's BFF Reina is a Flare which means she can create heat or fire or sparks from her hand. Reina has amazing abilities, but is tempted to make her powers even stronger when she comes across a book of Shadow Magic, a type of dark black magic that can turn you from good to evil.

Throughout the movie, Nory is convinced that the UDM's can be just as powerful as the rest of the school and, with the help of her teacher Scriff, all the UDM kids learn how to focus to turn their upside down magic...into right side up magic, even if it's not quite perfect.

Like most Disney Channel movies, this is fun, colorful, and full of unique characters. But...not a lot of singing in this one, surprisingly. And I can't spoil from whom and when the singing does come--you'll need to see the movie to find out! It is a little dark and scary at times, but the scariest moments come towards the end of the movie. Otherwise it's full of comedy, friendship, and, of course, lots of magic!

The messages of this film are to sometimes let kids be kids and also to never give up on what you believe you can achieve. Nory wants to be an official Flexer so bad but gets put into UDM. Yet does she settle and give up? Well, you'll have to watch to find out. (Wink.)

If you love movies like the Harry Potter series or Disney's Descendants, then you'll love Upside Down Magic. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to18 and adults will absolutely love it too. Upside Down Magic debuts on Disney Channel on July 31, 2020. Don't miss it.

By Lindalee R., KIDS First! Film Critic, Age 12

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In "Upside-Down Magic, a Disney Channel Original Movie, 13-year-old Nory Boxwood Horace discovers she can flux into animals, and her best friend Reina Carvajal can manipulate flames. Together, they enter the Sage Academy for Magical Studies. Reina's expert ability to harness the power of fire lands her at the top of her class of "Flares," but Nory's wonky magic and proclivity for turning into a "Dritten"-a half-kitten, half-dragon-lands her in a class for those with Upside-Down Magic, otherwise known as UDM. While Headmaster Knightslinger believes the UDM's unconventional powers leave them vulnerable to dangerous and evil "shadow magic," Nory and her fellow UDM classmates set out to prove that Upside-Down Magic beats right side up
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