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What to know: Charming and funny.
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The Simpsons Season 31 is charming, funny and, as always, the writing on Matt Groening's long-running animated satire is witty and hilarious. I love how in the first episode Homer gets rejected on a sports show so he starts his own, and how they poke fun at how sports shows never get to the point. I also love how they throw in the message of feminism when Marge gets her anger out by chopping wood and becoming a lumberjack in episode six. It is very funny when Superintendent Chalmers says, "I know who would do anything for money as long as it does not involve kids. TEACHERS!"

The Simpsons is an animated series about a family that includes Homer, a conservative alcoholic dad, Marge, a stay at home mom who takes care of everyone, Lisa, their genius, liberal daughter, Bart, their troubled son, and Maggie, a baby who can't talk but sucks on her pacifier. It's also about the town of Springfield and its citizens, which really represents any small town in middle America. The Simpsons uses satire to comment on social issues and politics. They make heavy issues funny and easy to digest. Like giving Homer, who is pretty dumb, an important job at a nuclear power plant.

I love all of the characters' voices. A few of my favorites are Lisa Simpson (Yeardley Smith), Bart Simpson (Nancy Cartwright), and Marge Simpson (Julie Kavner). One of my favorite Simpsons moments is when the family dog, Santa's Little Helper, is reunited with his mother in episode 22. It's heartfelt and sweet. The animation is colorful and really brings the characters and the town to life while creating its own world.

One positive message in The Simpsons is acceptance of diversity. There are characters of different races, religions and political views, and they all find a way to get along. The Simpsons does have a lot of adult themes and may not be appropriate for younger kids. There is sexual language and suggestive situations. Homer is a major drinker and goes to a bar called Moe's Tavern, nightly.

I give The Simpsons 5 out of 5 stars. I definitely recommend it for ages 10 to 18, plus adults. You can watch The Simpsons Season 31 on Disney+ starting Oct. 2.

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Everyone's favorite family is back for the 31st season of the longest running scripted primetime show in television history, "The Simpsons." With an all-star lineup of guests including Bill Porter, Jane Goodall, Jason Momoa, Cate Blachett, and Kevin Feige, special musical performances from the likes of Weezer and John Legend, and fan-favorite episodes "Thanksgiving of Horror" and "Treehouse of Horror XXX," the latest season joins Disney+'s comprehensive collection of more than 600 episodes, "The Simpsons Movie," and animated shorts "Maggie Simpson in 'Playdate with Destiny'" and "Maggie Simpson in 'The Longest Daycare."
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