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What to know: Loaded with interactive adventures combining shapes, colors, creativity and music with problem-solving and creating stories.
Recommended age 2-6
90 minutes
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I especially love the DVD Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie because of the interactive adventures! This show promotes imagination, games, colors, shapes and much more.

The storyline is about Charlie (Jacob Soley) who takes you on a whimsical adventure while introducing colors, shapes, sizes and all you need to know about creativity. Throughout the story Charlie also introduces other friends such as Violet (Saara Chaudry) and Red (Tyler Barish). With your help, you and Charlie get to create new stories filled with imagination.

I enjoyed the fun personalities of all the characters and the way they are so inclusive. Charlie loves to interact with his friends and the viewers, which keeps the audience engaged. I also got to build new inventions and talk with Charlie. Each new shape-filled story is repetitive enough to promote fun learning. My favorite episode is the first one, "Charlie the Pancake Chef," because it involves problem solving skills. Each new short story promotes behaviors of kindness and sharing. This series is perfect for a good role modeling. The backgrounds in the show are bright and whimsical. There are many areas where one can participate and spot out shapes. I really enjoyed the catchy and bubbly introduction in each new short story. There are four segments with two short stories ranging from ten to fifteen minutes in each episode. An entire episode is around twenty minutes long. This is perfect for the intended audience. I love the way that Charlie's Colorforms City can help kids learn so much about the world around them.

I got lots of messages from the show, although the one that keeps going with the theme is to stay active and creative. I really like how this DVD is trying to encourage kids to use their imagination more. With each colorful adventure they will have loads of fun.

I give Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie 5 out 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. I also think that this would be great for families to watch together.

Reviewed by Avery P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Are you ready for a fun filled, colorful, interactive adventure? Then you have to check out Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie In this animated series, your creative imagination will flourish. So, buckle up and get ready for a fantastic animated adventure that's both fun and educational for the whole family.

Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie is all about going on unpredictable, interactive, storytelling adventures in Colorforms City with Charlie and his best friends, Red and Violet. Every adventure is different and unique, so you never know what to expect. Charlie is always shaking things up. With Charlie's imagination leading the way, you'll be inspired to create colorful and magical stories, while developing your critical thinking skills.

The cast is filled with many talented actors. Jacob Soley (Charlie), Tyler Barish (Red) and Saara Chaudry (Violet) all connect with their characters throughout this series and deliver awesome performances. I love the colorful animation and music. Sometimes, I just jumped to my feet and start dancing. My favorite part is when Charlie uses his imagination to build a rocket ship using different shapes, sizes and colors to travel to outer space in order to send his friend home. And, I absolutely love the part, when he can't decide which pet to have; so his solution is to build one mega-super pet by using various shapes along with one trait from each animal he wants.

The intent of this DVD is to inspire kids to learn about different colors, shapes and sizes as well as work on their critical thinking and problem-solving skills. Charlie also teaches friendship skills such as being kind, considerate, respectful, supportive and being an active listener. I wish I lived in Colorforms City, don't you?

I highly recommend Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie for ages 2 to 6 and give it 5 out of 5 stars. This DVD is available January 19, 2021. Look for it, you've got a great story to create!

By Ella M., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

The Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie DVD is a compilation of episodes from the educational TV series that will have kids laughing and learning the whole time! It combines shapes, colors, creativity and music to entertain watchers and teach them how to problem-solve and create stories. This is a show with a lot of concepts that are easy to understand.

Charlie's Colorforms City is about Charlie, a very silly and creative friend. Charlie invented Colorforms City from his imagination. It is a city full of colors and shapes that can make anything you dream of. From making pancakes to finding the end of a rainbow, Charlie and his best friends Violet and Red go on CRAZY story quests and solve the problems that get in their way.

This series has many components that make it as good as it is - for one, the musical part. I love performing and music. Music is always around me. This show includes upbeat songs and background music. For example, the theme song is SO catchy, explains what the show is about, and, by the way, has impressive vocals. Something else I noticed with this series are the storylines. They are easy to follow and are entertaining. They're not too complex but they also get you thinking. That's a nice balance, so props to the creator, Angela Santomero, and the writers of the show. Like a lot of shows for young kids, Charlie's Colorforms City has "call and response." I love how this element is used in this show. It allows kids to be included in the story. When I was watching this I thought: "Wow! These characters sound excited!" It's all thanks to the voice actors. The actor who plays Charlie, Jacob Soley, really stands out to me. He is always enthusiastic and caught my attention immediately. My favorite episodes of this series so far are "Charlie the Pancake Chef" and "Adventure Charlie." They are intriguing and they have the best storylines. Who doesn't love pancakes and a little adventure?!

The messages of Charlie's Colorforms City are: creativity can lead you anywhere, and learning can be fun! Whenever the characters run into a problem, they use creativity and imagination to solve them. There is nothing inappropriate in this show and it is kid-friendly.

Overall, Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie is an incredible DVD for kids! With it being fun and educational, I rate it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. It's also a good series for parents to watch with their kids! The DVD releases nationwide January 19, 2021. Check it out, I'm sure you will enjoy it.

By Maica N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

From the series we all know and love comes Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie. I was entertained and delighted with this spectacular DVD. Follow along with me, so I can show you how this story provides color and brightness in a time like this when we are surrounded by gray darkness.

Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie is an eight episode DVD. The episodes consist of Charlie the Pancake Chef, Rock Star Charlie, Racer Charlie, Adventurer Charlie, Starry Charlie, Birthday Charlie, Knight Charlie and Charlie's Pet. Each episode tells a fun and uplifting story about our the character, Charlie, trying new things. From adventuring to the other end of the rainbow, to eating a pancake, Charlie's stories make us smile and laugh along with him. Watch to see how Charlie and his friends use their imaginations to create their own worlds from stories.

When I watched Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie, something I noticed right away was how wonderful this show can be for kids who are still learning about shapes and colors. This show teaches them about those things in a fun way, where they can use their imaginations. The show encourages creativity in a way that is different from other kids' shows. Charlie creates a city out of his imagination and the possibilities are endless. Kids should be learning from a young age that imagination is the key to following your dreams. Charlie's Colorforms City demonstrates that by making wonderful stories and taking you on his adventures. Another thing I like is the design of the show's animation. The bold colors and easy shapes of buildings such make it appeal to the target audience. For example, Charlie's whole neighborhood is filled with light blues, purples and greens. Young children will be drawn into this fabulous world of neon colors and hexagons.

The message of this show is to use your imagination to create wonderful things. Kids love to imagine things and when Charlie creates Colorforms City, he shows the audience how to put your mind to something and make it happen.

I give Charlie's Colorform City: Meet Charlie 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 11. This DVD is available January 19, 2021.

By Allison B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age, 14

Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie is an engaging and hilarious DVD comprised of episodes from the TV series! This show has so many great messages that both young and old need to hear. Also, it awakens imagination and creativity.

Charlie's Colorforms City follows Charlie (Jacob Soley) and his friends Violet (Saara Chaudry) and Red (Tyler Barish) through a series of adventures in the engaging form of a story where the audience are the storytellers. Each adventure or episode has its own conflicts and resolutions, but most importantly fun.

Jacob Soley has an amazing voice which perfectly fits Charlie's character. The opening theme music by Voodoo Highway Music and Post, performed by Niiko Soul is undeniably the best I've heard for a children's television series; it's extremely catchy and dance worthy. The animation in this series is great. However, as most of the characters are 3D shaped, the 2D animated backgrounds look a bit out of place. The different settings such as outer space, underwater and the jungle are very colorful and full of detail. Although this show is targeted at younger audiences it teaches complex subjects such as geometry, entrepreneurship, various emotions, hygiene and weather, just to name a few. Angela Santomero, the creator of this show is to be applauded for her ideas of creating such amazing themes and messages, while still making it fun. The best episode is "Rock Star Charlie," where Charlie and his friends create a rock band and dance and sing.

Do you sometimes feel afraid when trouble arises because you don't know the outcome? "Not if we are the one's telling the story!" Charlie explains that we are the storytellers of our own story, or, in this case, our lives. So, when our story gets sticky and stickier, we can create a fun plot twist and change our story to the way we would like it.

Charlie's Colorforms City: Meet Charlie gets 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend it for ages 2 to 7. It is available on DVD January 19, 2021. Look for it!

By Ashleigh C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 16

In CHARLIE'S COLORFORMS CITY, Charlie goes on shape-filled adventures he creates using his big imagination.
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