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What to know: Entertaining, interesting, great way for preschoolers to discover how the world works, through the eyes of tiny aliens.
Recommended age 2-6
579 minutes
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The DVD Floogals: Season One is a collection of episodes from the animated children's TV show that teaches kids about new things in a fun way. The characters are colorful and fun, and they never run out of new things to explore. This show is entertaining and interesting, which is perfect for a younger audience.

The show is about tiny aliens named Fleeker, Flo and Boomer who are from the planet Floog. After coming to Earth, they observe and learn new things every day. As the aliens roam around the "hoomans'' house, they learn about things that people use, such as a balloon, flashlight, and a trumpet. After the aliens are done investigating and learning all about the new objects, they send a report back to their home planet Floog. If the other aliens like their report, the aliens get a sticker. The aliens go to sleep and get ready to learn something new the next day.

The theme song of the show is very catchy. I could see myself listening to it multiple times. My favorite character is Boomer, voiced by Hugo Harold-Harrison, because he is funny, caring and kind of silly and that makes him even more funny. For example, at the end of each episode, after the aliens send their report to Floog, Boomer either makes a joke or does something funny to make the audience laugh. The storylines are easy to follow because they help kids learn about basic things, such as a doll, a cast, and a tent. Also, the aliens don't use big words; they use words that young children will know and understand. Many animated kids' shows don't show a contrast between cartoons and humans, so that part is pretty cool.

The message of Floogals is you can learn something new with everything you do. There is always a way to learn something, even if you don't notice it. This is totally kid-friendly.

Floogals: Season One is a great DVD to watch! I give it 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 6. The DVD releases on January 19, 2021. Go check it out!

Reviewed by Giana N., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 9

The DVD Floogals: Season One is a collection of episodes from the fantastic animated TV show Floogals. It is perfect for young children with its fun, playful storyline. It's very kid-friendly and enjoyable for other family members to watch as well. I like how short each episode is. Parents don't want their young children watching screens all day, and these short episodes combat that problem.

The storyline follows the Floogals, a team of intergalactic alien explorers named Captain Fleeker, Junior Boomer and First Officer Flo, who travel to Earth to learn more about its wonders. In each episode, the Floogals find different objects that the "hoomans" use, learn more about them and report back to their planet.

This voice-acting in this show is very enjoyable. Ramus Hardiker (Captain Fleeker), Jules de Jongh (First Officer Flo) and Hugo Harold-Harrison (Junior Boomer) perfectly portray explorer aliens on a whole new planet. Their voice-acting really brings life to the characters in this show. Also, I love the animation, which is full of bright colors and perfect for young kids. Lastly, I love the theme song. It's really catchy and has a memorable tune.

I think the message of this film about exploring. The show really encourages kids to ask questions and be curious.

I rate Floogals: Season One 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it to ages 4 to 6. This DVD is available January 19, 2021.

Reviewed by Kayla A., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

Floogals: Season One is a fun DVD because of the mixed animation and live action. This is something unique that sets Floogals apart from other kids' shows. I like that the show gives each floogal a different personality instead of making them all the same. I also can't help but notice their costumes are all different. This is good because, in some shows it is really hard to distinguish the characters. This allows kids to pick their favorite floogal and associate that floogal with a color or look.

The story is about four-inch curious aliens named Floogals. The Floogals explore earth as their first mission from their home planet. The show focuses on the floogals' visit to earth and the many firsts they experience in our human world. While each episode ends with a new floogal experience, there is one thing that really bothered me, they don't show the humans. It would have been interesting to see how the Floogals actually viewed humans.

The lead characters in Floogals are Captain Fleeker, played by Rasmus Hardiker; Boomer, played by Huge Harold Harrison; and Flo, played by Jules de Jongh. The voice-over actors excel at bringing their characters to life. One of the things that stood out to me is how unique the designs of the characters are. They are colorful and got my attention. I'm so glad they didn't make this show live action, because they could never look as good as they do in animation. Plus, it's pretty hard to make four-inch aliens fit in with actual people. My favorite character is Boomer, because out of all of them, he made me laugh the most. He's the silly one of the group. One fun part of Floogals is when I realized the characters have personalities that I've seen before on other kids' shows. This sticks true to this type of kids' show genre.

The message of this show is: if you explore you can learn something new that you never knew about. Plus it's okay to make mistakes. They help you learn as you explore and help you grow. This is a positive message for kids that are very impressionable to see and hear, especially because kids often repeat behaviors that they see.

I give Floogals: Season One 3 out 5 stars and recommend this DVD for ages 3 to 6. Parents might enjoy watching it with their kids. Floogals: Season One is available on DVD now. Look for it!

By Ayden P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

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Join the Floogals on a mission of discovery as they explore Earth and the funny hoomans who live there! The show centers on three three-inch tall extraterrestrials called Floogals who have come to Earth to study its inhabitants. Upon landing, a human boy, thinking their spaceship is a toy, hangs their craft onto the ceiling of his bedroom. The Floogals, however, don't seem to mind as they carry on with their studying.
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