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35 minutes
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I like the DVD La Musica because it is very entertaining and makes it easy to learn Spanish. I like how children can interact with this DVD while learning Spanish and having fun at the same time.

This DVD has lively Spanish melodies and it includes both Spanish and English subtitles to make it easier for the audience to follow and learn the language. It includes ten Spanish songs and is approximately 35 minutes filled with fun and learning experiences. The graphics and backgrounds are vibrant and colorful as are the characters. The main character, Maria, takes the audience on a Spanish sing-along adventure around the world with the help of Fritzi the mouse and the rest of the playful cast as they journey from Spain to South America. This DVD includes a lot of singing, dancing, stomping, clapping, solving riddles, helping Maria find Fritzi and figuring out what the next dance will be as you learn the language. The music is very appealing and catchy.

Whistlefritz is creator of this language learning DVD. Their Spanish for Kids DVDs, CDs and lesson plans have received more than 100 national honors and awards from most respected organizations in children's media. My favorite part of La Musica is that it incorporates some songs from the Spanish CD, Buenos D�as! Learning Songs which I had the pleasure to review in 2020. This DVD takes some of the songs from Buenos D�as! And turned them into scenes. My favorite scene is "Se Habla Espa�ol."

La Musica is the latest DVD release in the award-winning Spanish for Kids series. It is an excellent tool for non-Spanish speakers or for young children to learn Spanish as a second language.

I give La Musica 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it ages 3 to 18, plus adults. La Musica DVD is available now in stores and digital download. You can visit the Whistlefritz website at to keep updated about their DVDs, CDs and other programs.

By Ethan P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

Whistlefritz has done it again with their newest Spanish language DVD, La Musica. La Musica is an exciting journey through the world of music with easy to learn Spanish songs that make you want to get up and dance along! With a fun and diverse cast this DVD is a great next step for kids hoping to become more conversational in Spanish.

Maria (Sara Jerez) and her friends put on an outstanding show as they travel around the world on a Spanish adventure. With catchy songs, a fun cast, native speakers, and fun animated characters, this DVD will keep you watching until the end. All elements of La Musica come together to create a great musical experience along with teaching fundamental Spanish that can be used by teachers, parents and kids themselves. There are English subtitles for those that are just beginning to learn Spanish.

This DVD has a fun and colorful feeling that is sure to keep your children entertained. The colorful background and award-winning music all contribute to a great educational film. With just the right amount of education and amusement, it offers a perfect way to help teach your child conversational Spanish. I love La Musica because its light and exciting theme it is perfect for all ages, not just the younger children. My favorite part is when Maria dances a traditional Flamenco dance, because it is so interesting and fun to watch.

The message of La Musica is that education doesn't need to be boring. This DVD shows that you can lighten it up with songs and dance! Even though it may be difficult to learn a new language, anybody can do it, even children!

I give La Musica 4 out of 5 stars and I recommend it for ages 5 to 10. You can buy this DVD online now.

By Kendall B., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 10

La Musica is a short language learning course for kids in a series by Whistlefritz. Presented entirely in Spanish, La Musica is filled with dancing, singing and more. This educational DVD keeps you moving and humming to its catchy tunes. Kids learn how to say numbers, days of the week and many other words in Spanish thanks to the English subtitles. It's a fun way to learn the language.

This 35 minute conversational course features a cast of kids, teens and a host, Maria, who takes viewers on an entertaining adventure while teaching Spanish words and dances. In one scene Maria flamenco dances and wears a traditional Spanish dress which helps kids learn more about Latin culture. La Musica (The Music) also incorporates animated characters, including Rito the fox and Fritzi the mouse, that help viewers navigate the language. My favorite part is when Rito goes shopping at the grocery store. That scene teaches Spanish words for orange, peach, cookie and other tasty foods.

The excitement is at high levels throughout the lessons, which keep the viewer's attention focused on learning Spanish. The teaching method encourages kids to repeat different words, which are easy to note and understand, based on how they are presented. English subtitles are shown throughout so you can translate while the characters speak. As a beginning Spanish learner, I found that this made it a lot easier for me to understand and found this DVD very newcomer-friendly.

I recommend La Musica for ages 5 to 10, but older kids may find it useful as a fast review or study tool. This course is sure to capture your attention and you too will soon be speaking Espanol. This is available from Whistlefritz at and online wherever DVDs are sold.

By Ava H., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

La Musica promotes interactive engagement between the audience and the lessons on screen. This DVD utilizes the concept of language immersion, which means that, instead of simply using words to teach children a new language, it uses visuals and songs to ingrain Spanish words and phrases. The use of animation, and the overall structure of the DVD creates an easy to understand and enjoyable flow.

I find this immersive concept appealing and engaging. When I learned a new language the teacher just wrote the words on the board in English and then in French. Nothing clicked! This DVD is so much more fun, vibrant and personable. I did not know very much Spanish before watching this and now I have learned some new words over the course of 35 minutes.

I think children will enjoy this DVD because of the songs. They have a good beat and, honestly, are very catchy. The way the main instructor, Maria, speaks to the audience makes it extremely personable and it seems as if children will engage with the welcoming environment she creates.

The DVD flows very well. The structure is that Maria talks to the children who are on-camera with her, but also to the audience, about what they are going to discuss. Maria explains it a little bit more and then invites one of her friends to sing a song about it. After each song, she reflects a bit about it and then the process repeats. There is not much connection with the characters, yet it is still enjoyable to watch them sing in Spanish. The material is suitable for the intended age group. There are times when Maria repeats a phrase or word a couple of times in a row to reinforce the Spanish words, but I believe that is important for 4 to 10-year-olds.

This is all shot using either a green screen or animation. The green screen allows the production freedom to travel virtually to Spain and other Spanish speaking countries. Sometimes it is a bit style-less, but I do not think children will notice. The actor that plays Maria is great. The cover of the DVD is very appealing with its border of a rainbow, and showing Maria dressed in her flamenco outfit. This DVD teaches children not only fundamental Spanish words, but also about the Spanish culture. During one song, Ileana sings about where she is from and gives examples of other countries where Spanish is spoken. There is a map behind her showing native animals of these Spanish speaking countries also. There is not much problem-solving, but there is definitely cultural lessons woven throughout the language lessons.

The message of this DVD is about getting children excited to learn about Spanish culture and the language through interactive engagement, song and dance with the guidance of native speakers.

I give La Musica 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 4 to 10, plus adults. Reviewed by Tor F., KIDS FIRST!

Pack your bags--we're going on a musical adventure! Join Mar�a and a playful group of peers as they embark on a fun-filled journey from Spain to Latin America, singing, dancing, and learning Spanish along the way!
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