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Something that I enjoyed about Giving God's Love to Others and I think others will enjoy, is how the author uses Bible verses in every chapter and how they explain what it means and gives a lesson based on it. This book is very inspirational; I believe it will encourage others to turn to God in tough times.

his book reminds us how important it is to show your love of God, and to behave in a way that reflects the love that God wants us to show. We are sometimes unaware of how out of line we are in our behavior toward others and, by quoting scripture this book reminds us of how God wants us to behave. It teaches us to love everyone the same way God has loved us.

This book is an awesome way to learn new things, with lots of entertaining elements that make learning fun. It makes it easy for kids to learn new words. I enjoyed the stories from the Bible, like the story of Joseph, The King of Dreams, and I like the use of Bible verses throughout the book. As the title says, it is about spreading god's love and loving others. I also like that the author explains how she went through some tough times, and then ultimately turned to God, and she explains how God helped her. She also explains that people who are hurt need time to recover.

The storyline flows very well, however sometimes the words get very advanced, words such as wherewith or thenceforth, but I still enjoyed the book. The book itself teaches lots of positive life lessons, like loving everyone. During one of the chapters, it talks about Joseph and how his brothers hated him, but later they forgive each other. The problem solving in this book is definitely suitable for young people and we can relate to the stories like the one about Joseph and his brothers. The cover of the book is very attractive; it shows people holding hands in the sunset. One thing that I like about the book is how pictures are used at the start of each chapter. Also, there is a sidebar that lets you scroll through different chapters and pages. What makes this book suitable for a youth audience is how it teaches positive lessons, and how it teaches to love everyone.

The message of this book is that we should treat everyone the same, with love.

I give Giving God's Love to Others 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 12 to 18, plus adults. It is available now through online booksellers.

By Gavin S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

Giving God's Love To Others: How To Show Christian Love Behavior is an excellent resource that, as a Christian, I found valuable. The author's use of relatable language, clear scriptural references, and practical examples makes this book a practical tool for anyone who desires to live a life that reflects the love of God.

This book provides excellent guidance on how to show the love of God through their behavior. Author Arlette-Thomas-Fletcher skillfully highlights the importance of reflecting God's love in our actions and reactions towards others, emphasizing that it is not enough to know the right scriptures, but we also should live them out in our daily lives.

The book is well-written and easy to understand, making it an excellent resource for both seasoned Christians and new believers alike. Ms. Thomas-Fletcher uses relevant examples and anecdotes to drive home the message that showing love is a deliberate action that requires intentionality and mindfulness. The book also provides clear scriptural references that serve as a roadmap for those who desire to walk in love. The book also does not shy away from addressing the common pitfalls that Christians encounter.

The message of this book is that love should be at the core of every Christian's life and it should be reflected in their behavior.

I give Giving God's Love to Others: How to Show Christian Love Behavior 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 8 to 18, plus adults. It is available now at online booksellers, so check it out.

By Ashleigh C., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 19

Giving God's Love To Others is a simple book, but detailed enough for someone to understand and reflect on ways of giving a Christian type of love to others. It's suitable for kids because they can easy understand the content and it even includes pictures that most will find entertaining.

Giving God's Love To Others shows ways in which Christians can properly spread the type of love that God wants us to have. It includes Bible verses Bible and stories that help you to further understand the topic and also grasp your attention.

The book begins by discussing the history of how the book came into being. As Christians we might unintentionally act against our way of truth in spreading love. The various Bible verses help reinforce the concept of love and how to properly obtain it at your own pace. It gives a clear explanation on what love is and how to achieve it. The Bible verses help you stay on track. The story line flows well from the beginning and held my interest from the very first page to the last page. I like that there even is a place to write your thoughts or to journal your thoughts at the end. I read it as an E-book and it doesn't have any special features; however its table of content is quite useful. It's educational impact is in helping someone understand the importance of giving Christian love and how to even achieve that. Readers will clearly take away an understanding of how to show love to those around them and will be able to recognize and remove any bad behavior they might have in spreading love.

The book's message is about what love is and the different types of love a Christian is meant to portray.

I recommend this for ages 12 to18, plus adults. It is available now through online booksellers.

By Eunnet C., KIDS FIRST!

Giving God's Love To Others: How To Show Christian Love Behavior is a book designed for Christians and Christian leaders that discusses the importance of showing the love of God. Oftentimes Christians' behavior does not reflect the type of love that God wants us to show. This book addresses the importance of taking time to assure that we show loving behavior and uses Bible verses to illustrate that. Recipient of the 2023 Pinnacle Book Award.
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