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Frog and Toad is a new TV series based on the classic fictional children's story. In every episode Frog and Toad go on a new adventure and each adventure provides a valued life lesson.

The story follows a very joyful Frog and a groggy Toad on unique journeys around their neighborhood. Frog and Toad are the best of friends and spend every day together. Toad loves to bake, relax and enjoy his life at a slow pace; while Frog, on the other hand is an outgoing, upbeat and cheerful character. The main theme of the story in all the episodes is how Frog and Toad always help each other and never leave one another's side.

I love how this series constantly reminds me of how opposites really do complement each other. The animation is adorable, although some scenes are quite unrealistic. The storyline is terrific and the voice actors are fantastic. The voice actor for both Frog and Toad (Kevin Michael Richardson) is so enthusiastic. Throughout the series we see the characters really being authentic to what they are trying to say and, in one particular scene, Frog is trying to convince Toad to wake up from hibernation on the first day of spring (even though toads hibernate until late spring).

My favorite scene of the series is in the episode called "The Letter" where Frog hears Toad say that he has never gotten mail before. Frog goes back home to write Toad his very own first letter and after he finishes it, he brings it to the town's post office and tells the little postman (a snail) to take the letter as fast as he can to Toad's house. As you know, snails are awfully slow, so when Frog goes back to see Toad he is lying in bed and feeling upset that he isn't getting any mail and thinks he never will. Little does he know Snail is on his way, but definitely taking a while to bring his letter. Frog is a true friend to Toad because he waits two days with Toad waiting for Snail to come and bring his very first mail. You just have to see it!

The message of this series is to always enjoy our friends and appreciate our life; we only have a certain amount of time. Another message is to love the outdoors, just as we see Frog and Toad love spending their time going on walks and having a picnic. This teaches children not just to be on their electronics but to also savor the great outdoors!

By Keila V., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 11

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Frog is a frog. Toad is a toad. They have a lot in common ... but they are also very different. Frog and Toad are best friends who know that the true secret to friendship is not only enjoying the things you have in common, but embracing the things that make you different. Since our differences are what makes us special, Frog and Toad celebrate what makes them unique!
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