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The most appealing thing about The Adventure Prayer Journal for Kids is how the author makes the book look like a comic book and even tells the story of Noah and the Ark. The entire book is suitable for a youth audience and, as it says on the title, this book is meant for kids.

This book is about a group of kids called the Adventure Team. They take us on a journey through the book of Genesis where we have lots of fun. The team members, Ashley, Tamia, Daniel, Peter and Braylon, teach us prayers and lessons. During one of their adventures they encounter a snake that tries to get them to eat fruit from a forbidden tree. Their next journey experiences a flood where they meet Noah, his family and pairs of animals. After that journey they teach us more about God and praying. At the end of the book there are coloring pages and activities for the reader. Now your adventure begins!

This book makes lots off sense. The storyline flows very well and it definitely held my attention from start to finish with interesting things happening on every page. All the characters reflect great behavior and are kind to one another. However, the snake is bad. The problem solving is very appropriate for young people and teaches kids good lessons. The vocabulary in this book is definitely suitable for a youth audience. The cover is also very appealing and has lots of colors. Something I found very interesting is how the book has pages where you can write down your own prayers. I also like how the author put coloring pages and other activities at the end of the book.

The book's message is about learning how God's presence is in everything we do and how we can communicate with Him through prayer. This book could help kids learn new words, pray every day and make good decisions.

I give The Adventure Prayer Journal for Kids 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12, plus adults. The e-book is available online.

By Gavin S., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 12

This is a cute and colorful comic-book style journal that offers guidance to young people to give thanks for pretty much everything that their world revolves around - family, sunshine, a wonderful day, and more. It asks for God's blessing and safety when they go outside, go to school, go to lunch. The prayers thank God for loving them even when they make mistakes.

As a non-Christian, I was curious about this book, not sure if I was the right person to review it. However, having recently returned from Bali where the Hindu people there give thanks and make ceremonies for just about everything in their life, I saw the similarities. Perhaps that is what I find so charming about the content here. It is not religious in the sense of knocking you over the head. Hey, it does quote Biblical verses, but in a calm and respectful way.

I do feel that children today oftentimes lack guidance in being respectful of the world around them and some are never taught what good manners are, which is reflected in some of the terrible ways that people behave. This book delivers a message of gratitude and respect in beautifully illustrated pages. It invites the reader to create their own prayers and has pages in the book where they can write them. The young characters, both male and female, gently guide the reader and offer sage advice that easily applies to people that follow any faith. I love that. It's unclear exactly who the illustrator is; the book credits Kristine and Broma Clyde. Its pages include prayers for different times of day - morning, night and any time of day. The book's characters are young people that anyone could relate to. They are adventurers that guide us through the book and take us snorkeling, to the soccer field, the baseball field and more.

The book's message is quite simple: Be thankful and praise God.

I give The Adventure Prayer Journal for Kids 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 5 to 12. It is available through online retailers.

By Julie S., KIDS FIRST!

The Adventure Prayer Journal: For Kids is an innovative and exciting tool designed to help children ages 5 to 12 learn how to pray and engage with God in a fun and meaningful way. This prayer journal is unlike anything else on the market, offering a unique combination of comic-style illustrations, easy-to-read text, and interactive exercises that guide children through the Book of Genesis. With its colorful and engaging visuals, the book brings the Bible to life in a way that young readers will love. The journal features a series of comic-style illustrations that help children visualize the stories and characters of the Book of Genesis. Each illustration is accompanied by easy-to-understand text that explains the story in a way that is accessible to young readers. includes a variety of interactive exercises that help children learn how to pray and connect with God.
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