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Do you adore cute cats? Do you enjoy reading about them? Well, you're in luck! The Cat-Faced Cat is one of the cutest children's books you will find...about cats! It has cute graphics and a hidden message about family, love and finding a home.

This wild, heartwarming adventure follows the Cat-Faced Cat, who starts life alone, wanting to find a family of his own. He finds different places to sleep, new toys and eventually a new friend; but in this case, not everything is permanent. All the Cat-Faced Cat wants is a new family and, when you read the book, you will answer the main question: does the Cat-Faced Cat ever find a place to call "home?"

The elements I love most about this book are the graphics. The cats are absolutely adorable and, even though there isn't much detail in the drawings, it makes it so much better for younger children who read this. The people also have simple facial expressions, which helps clarify things for the reader. The only shortcoming for me is the lack of rhyming or alliteration. There are small segments of the book where it does rhyme, but the majority of the book does not, so the "younger child" in me missed that. Other than that, what I like about this story is that it promotes perseverance and the importance of family, human or not.

The message of The Cat-Faced Cat is that, at one point in life, you will find people that are like family to you, blood related or not. This book proves this because at the end, the struggling, lonely cat finally finds a place, and a family, to call home.

I give The Cat-Faced Cat 5 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 5. It is available in both paperback and e-book format at online bookstores, so look for this cuteness overload!

By Ari P., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

The Cat-Faced Cat is an adorable book by Arlette Thomas-Fletcher about an adorable cat. It's written in a rhyming style which makes it much fun to read aloud and the illustrations by Kristina Stansell are so cute.

The Cat-Faced Cat is a tale that follows the journey of a little kitten in his quest to find a loving home. Benny is a cat that longs for companionship. As time passes, he grows older and starts exploring the town in search for it, going on adventures, seeing all sorts of things and meeting all kinds of people.

While this may not be the most complex story, its simplicity and heartwarming message make it a worthwhile read for young children. The illustrations are great. I especially love the detailed appearance of the cat. At the beginning, he's a young kitten and, at the end, an adult cat. I don't know how Kristina did it but you can clearly tell it's the same cat, just older. Ms. Thomas-Fletcher's writing makes the readers feel something. This book, although not for my age group, even made me feel bad for the poor kitten that wanted some friends, family or a home. He's so cute, how can anyone not want him? My favorite part is the illustration on page 7. And I know that doesn't say much because you can't see it -the illustration of Benny in that page melts my heart. He looks so happy and adorable. The book fosters a sense of compassion and understanding as it encourages readers to empathize with the cat's longing for a loving home and family. Additionally, the story emphasizes the impact of simple acts of kindness. It demonstrates how a chance encounter and a genuine connection can change someone's life. The book promotes the idea of finding one's place in the world and serves as a gentle reminder to appreciate the importance of human connections and the joy that comes from finding a place to call home.

The message of The Cat-Faced Cat revolves around themes of perseverance, companionship and the search for a place to belong. It highlights the importance of not giving up, even in the face of loneliness and adversity.

I give The Cat-Faced Cat 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 8, plus parents. It's available now at online book retailers.

By Alma K., KIDS FIRST! Film Critic, age 13

Do you love cats? Are you interested in the daily life of a cat? The Cat-Faced Cat is a book that touches on the love and enjoyment a person gets from being around cats. The book's simple sentence structure and pictures makes it eye-catching for a child to read and understand the story.

This book follows the journey of a street cat that grows up alone as a kitten and has a keen determination to find a family. Throughout all the difficult obstacles it has to face the Cat-Faced Cat remains strong.

In this book we are taken on the difficult journey of a kitten that starts out all by itself, following its path and its determination to avoid being alone ever again. We see the kitten's constant determination and positivity and its journey in search of a loving family. The story is easy to follow and understand. Its main character is a cat, which is very relatable as the kitten has a hard time growing up alone. In spite of growing up alone, the Cat-Faced Cat shows love and affection to every little thing around him, which is quite admirable.

From the perspective of a little kitten the book encourages kids to show affection to all animals and points out that, even in difficult moments, your determination will pay off.

I give The Cat-Faced Cat 4 out of 5 stars and recommend it for ages 2 to 8, plus adults. It is available through online booksellers now.

By Eunnet C., KIDS FIRST!

We love cats because they are fun, playful, warm, soft, and cuddly animals! There is a lot of fun in The Cat-Faced Cat, a book about a cat looking for a place to live and a family to love. The Cat-Faced Cat Named Benny is the first of a series of inspirational tales. It's time to start the journey of The Cat-Faced Cat with this first book. Children will love following him on his exciting adventures with his wonderful new family!
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