2023 KIDS FIRST! Film Festival Selections


The Coalition for Quality Children’s Media (CQCM) is pleased to announce the films that have been accepted for its 2023 KIDS FIRST! Film Festivals. KIDS FIRST! partners with more than 30 venues nationwide and screenings will take place between August 1, 2023 and January 31, 2024, both in person and virtually. A hybrid festival will be presented in Santa Fe, NM November 17 through 19.

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival showcases films, television shows, and digital media that are entertaining, educational and inspiring. This year’s festival will feature a wide variety of films, including animated films, live-action films, documentaries, and short films. The films will be screened for children ages 2 through 18, plus youthful adults. We are pleased to offer 162 films from 35 countries, including the USA, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Brazil, Canada, Chile, China, Croatia, Cyprus, Ecuador, France, Germany, India, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Japan, Kazakhstan, Korea, Lithuania, Mexico, Netherlands, New Zealand, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Qatar, Slovenia, Taiwan, Turkey, Ukraine and United Kingdom. A complete list of all accepted films can be seen below.

A Beautiful Dream
A Boy's Dream
A Liberian Wedding
A New Believer/ Refound Faith
A Poor Blue-Footed Booby Goes To Tokyo
Alice In Cyberland
Aliquam 3 - New Zealand
Alpha Generation
An Inclusion Lens
Anyone Can Say I, But Who Says We?
Artist, Formerly Known As Varona: Ginji Series, Episode 4
As Simple As This
Attack Of Squirrelzilla
Babies And The Bear - Summer
Babookums: Seven Fantastic Stories
Battle Plan
Be A Green Hero
Bedwars: Cheat Code
Berny 2
Betterave & The Dragon
Between The Lines
Beyond The After
Blood Sisters
Buckets City
Can We Practice Commercial Hydroponics On Earth And On Mars?
Cinda Real
Come One Come All - A Circus With A Purpose
Common Thread
Common Thread
Connecticut's Connection To The Sea - The CT River & Atlantic Salmon
Cyber Cadets
Death In Normandy
Desmond Doss - World War Ii Hero
Dexter And The Dinosaurs
Dig Deeper
Dog House
Don’t Hang Up!
Elephant In The Room
Evil Lies Adults Tell Children – Series;  Epi 1 & 2
Finding A Home
Fitting In
Five Little Ducks
Fox Child
From Venus
Generational Trauma
Giulia E Il Capoposto
Global Climate
Go Crazy
Grammy Green Thumbs
Groovy Rudy Meets Her Match
How Are You, R'ra
How Can We Find Out What Plants Need To Survive? With Chris!
How To Know If Something Is Alive?
I Am Kanaka
I Don't Want To Go To Mrs. Hum
I Wanna Be An Eagle
I Won't Stand For It
Intergalactic Camp
Jilly Goats Gruff
Jose Comelon's Bedtime Stories
Kind Of Fishy
Kris The Cat
Le Ballon Bleu (The Blue Balloon)
Little Girl, Big Imagination: At The Beach
Little Image-Bearers | Jesus: The Savior
Llamas At The Laundromat
Loose Change: A Memoir Of Childhood
Lost Letters And Where Do They Go
Love Letters For New Bedford
Melon Head
Mera Daddu
Mr. Purr's Magical Suitcase
My Basketball Journey - Year 1 (Motivational Youth Documentary)
My Big Big Friend- The Movie
My Dinner With An Android
My Superpower
Mysterious Places
No New Friends
No Place Is Home
Oren's Way
Party Of The Year
Please In Spanish
Power Forward
Queen Bea
Radioactive Babies
Rainbowflower: My School Of The Future
Rise, Fall, Hope
Robots Don't Tell Jokes
Rocking In The Wind
Saving Mango - A Cat's Story
Shot Boot Three
So Much To Live For Today
Solitude And Spirits
Something Terrible Happened To Joey
Stage Presents
Stories Of The North
Suzie Hicks The Climate Chick
The 2:20 Line
The Commander And The Silly Woman
The Essence Of The Ridges
The Field Trip
The Great Lesson From Nonna!
The Great Pyramid Of Giza
The Island Of Ilus
The Leading Star
The Legend Of Qualicum Bay
The Little Cloud
The Lobster
The Magic Book Story
The Magical Mystery Kid
The Misadventures Of Bear
The Mortality Tale
The Oubliette
The Power Of Your Words
The Prairie Dog That Met The President
The Quilt: A Living History Of African American Music
The Right Move
The Story Of The Opera
The Tea Party
To Bee Or Not To Bee
Training Pedro
TVC-15: The Return Of Major Tom
Two Ways
Water, Star Medicine
Welcome To Terra Blue
What Is Wrong With Us?
When Spring Comes - The Story Of Yugo, A Little Bear
Willow's Tale
You Are Enough

The KIDS FIRST! Film Festival is a project of the Coalition for Quality Children’s Media (CQCM), a national, nonprofit organization that promotes quality children’s media. The CQCM was founded in 1991 by a group of parents, educators, and filmmakers who were concerned about the lack of quality children’s media available. The CQCM’s mission is to teach children critical viewing skills and to increase the visibility and availability of quality children’s media. The CQCM accomplishes this mission through a variety of programs, including:

  1. KIDS FIRST! Film Festival
  2. KIDS FIRST! Film Critics
  3. KIDS FIRST! Coming Attractions podcast
  4. KIDS FIRST! website



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