Okay, now that our film is accepted, we have some questions as we prepare the required materials:


  • How does distribution with your partner venues usually work?
    • Please refer to our KIDS FIRST! Film Festival webpage: https://www.kidsfirst.org/filmfestival/
    • You should know that we have a password-protected online site for our film programmers. They can view films that are available for their screenings and make selections from there. This is updated regularly as we add new films to curated collection. The venues are responsible for choosing films that are suitable for their screenings. On the site, they can watch the films, read the synopsis for each film and read a review by KIDS FIRST!. We also sort them by genre to make it easier to watch and select.
  • Is there be a separate license agreement?
    • Your application on filmfreeway is the agreement that we use. There is no additional agreement. We ask permission to screen your film for two years - that is so you get the best possible coverage. You may choose to terminate it at six months, if need be. And, you can also request that screenings do not start until a specific date. .
  • Is there a limit on the number of exhibitions? Or a time constrain?
    • All of the venues in our network are able to screen any film that in the collection. Generally, there is a pick up from 2 to 12 venues for each film as some have specific foci such as student films, animated shorts, environmental resiliency, etc.

2) What kind of promotion for the film cab we expect for our film from KIDS FIRST! and the venues?

  • Our venue partners do their own promotion for their events.
  • KIDS FIRST! does national promotion via its website, social media, podcast, and similar.
  • How/when can we collaborate with your efforts on social media?
    • You can post now announcing that your film has been accepted.
    • Beyond that, it’s best to wait until we have a commitment for a screening with one of our venues to do additional posts. If you tag KIDS FIRST! we will republish your posts. See our homepage for links to our social media and names thereof.

3) About the deliverables:

  • Our film has English subtitles printed on screen or with a separate .srt file - which one do you prefer?
    • We need your file in mp4 or mov format with subtitles on-screen.
  • Our digital file for our feature length film is about 5G, but you asked for it not to exceed 2G. Isn't that going to be a very low resolution file then?.
    • We request a smaller file to be used on our film programmers’ site, in order to keep our costs down.
    • Once your film is programmed, we will put the venue directly in touch with you to obtain a HD file for festival play.
  • About the images: we have the vertical poster and stills (16:9). How do these specs fit your requirements? 
    • We need a vertical format poster in order to post it on our website. We only need it in 72 dpi. Again, this is for website use only.
    • The stills can be in vertical or horizontal format, at 300 dpi. Those will be made accessible by our venue partners.




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