KIDS FIRST! Top 100 Kid Films Q & A

What is the KIDS FIRST! Top 100 Kid Films List?

These are films appropriate for kids between the ages of 2 and 18 that KIDS FIRST! believes to have universal appeal, exhibit outstanding attributes in terms of their production quality. They exhibit qualities that make them as applicable today as the day they were first released.  

We know that media has the power to influence children, negatively or positively. The films on this list portray the values and ethics that we, as a culture wish to instill in our children. The idea behind this list is to provide a parent or caregiver with as much information as possible about the age appropriateness of a film, a brief synopsis, the key artists involved and any special audience issues it may address. 

 What are the criteria to be in the Top 100?

It has to have been released as a theatrical film and must be in current distribution so that people can actually find it. As with anything KIDS FIRST! endorses, a film must first meet or exceed the baseline criteria of:

  • no gratuitous violence or abuse;
  • no inappropriate sexual behavior;
  • no bias in terms of race, gender, culture or religion;
  • no condescension toward children;
  • no replicable unsafe behavior.

Additionally, any film on this list is compared with others and found to be exceptional among its peers.

Other viewing lists for children include older, more classic titles. This list does not include some of these. Why not?

Many critics have created lists of top children's films. In reviewing some of those lists, we found that they often take a more academic approach and made recommendations based on "what's good for kids" rather than "what kids like." KIDS FIRST! takes the approach that you can combine these two ideas and come up with a list that accomplishes both. This is not to say that some older, classic films are devalued by us, but we feel that their place may have been replaced by some newer, more current titles.   

 Why only feature films?

This is a starting point. Come back to see our "Top 100 Children's DVDs," "Top 100 Children's TV Shows," and other Top 100 lists.

Who voted?

KIDS FIRST! assembles a selection of nominees by quering its jurors, venue partners, and others. These nominees are voted on by the general public for a period of 30 days, once a year. The list is updated annually.

How can I become a juror for KIDS FIRST!?

We welcome jurors at any time. Our jury comprises educators, librarians, child care providers, Girl and Boy Scout Leaders and other interested adults as well as their associated groups of kids ages 0 to 18. You are invited to join our jury at any time and help us evaluate and rate children's films, DVDs and other media. For more details, go to or, call 505-989-8076.

How do I find the Top 100 Kid Films List?

Release date is scheduled for August 2008.

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